I’m just your every day metaphysical, artistic mind trying to leave some type of significant mark on this world. Whether it be through the works of fiction I write or the conversations I have on Youtube, my goal is to show you the world isn’t so black and white (there’s actually some gray areas in there.) If you really want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes or need somebody to relate to…then follow me.

What are My Books About?

I share some real spiritual and personal experiences in my novels while bringing some philosophical questions about religion and spirituality to the forefront. I use fiction to entertain while I inform. I cover topics like Christianity, religion, demons, angels, spiritual gifts, prayer, love, mental health and more.

I started writing fiction in 2005 about the fallen angels and Nephilim. As saturated as that genre is, there’s not much sci-fi/ fantasy with people of color so that’s where my stories differ. It’s a series of stories about a family that finds out they are related to the fallen ones and they have supernatural powers. All names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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Metaphysical Advice

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I have youtube videos about paranormal and metaphysical phenomenon. Sound interesting? Then check out my youtube videos.

Other than that, I love giving advice to people based on the energy around us. I use numerology, astrology, tarot and other things. I study a lot of African spirituality (the Orisha) . All these things help guide me in my life and I believe it can help those who don’t know so much about it. It’s all about CREATING YOUR REALITY Click here for more

Remember, If you don’t do it…who will?

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