Can we talk about SEX?

Is that all right? I know some of you don’t have sex or have sworn off it so you get offended when I talk about it…cause it makes you want it so much more… BUT I AM SO HORNY Aroused right now!
I’m trying to deal with it. I mean…i had sex yesterday on a bootycall but having sex
and not having a relationship is like…trying to eat one potato chip or one of your friend’s french fries. It’s not gonna work. You’re gonna want another one. So I’ve been working on trying to get a relationship.
The problem: I don’t have a job…can’t really date when you’re financially challenged.
This damn cat gets horny when I get horny as well so she’s constantly meowing and rubbing on me.
I could probably punch a hole in a wall with my dick. SORRY SORRY…that was crude.

But no I’m serious .

Well I guess I’m just gonna watch some porn and go to sleep. Oh yeah, for those looking for free porn OTHER than that you can actually download to your computer for free check out really cool.

Well that’s enough about sex…go read your bible now hehehe.

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