Higher Learning

I’m taking classes again. Graphic Art. Its not college its a vocational skill center for adults. I already have my degree. I still need a job and I want to attempt to go into art since I can draw. I’m trying to clean up my photoshop skills and I’m almost there. I get excited when I learn something new. This new CS3 photoshop is way easier than the photoshop they taught me back in school. In other news, I’ve been hard thinking about relationships and money. I put them both together because I feel they some what go together.
Don’t get me wrong I don’t need money to get a relationship. None of my relationships in the past required it. But it makes relationship a bit smoother when you don’t have to count change.
I’ve been somewhat resistant to just working at the grocery store. I mean damn, I have a four year degree, I should be able to find something better right? But nevertheless I need something or I won’t be eating. It’s quite the predictament.

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