Jobless but not Hopeless

I’ve been without a job since October. I used to work for and the temp agency that I was contracted with let me go. In December I found myself without a home. I somehow got back on my feet by January and got on unemployment. I started taking classes for graphic art in February. I started missing having things in March as my birthday came around and took inventory of things lost.

It’s now April. I’m not done yet but it seems life has thrown me through a whirlwind of emotional roller coasters. If you see me it may appear that I’m calm cool and collected. But deep down sometimes I get frustrated. That inner desire for survival kicks in and that passion to do more than survive but …actually live and enjoy also screams.

One day at a time I keep telling myself.

Even though these simple job act as if they can’t take one more person and perhaps they can not. I hate the fact that I have to settle for whatever I can get and wonder if that’s good or bad.

This is my mind.

This is my frustration.

But yet I am hopeful that soon…this will all be just a passing memory.

One thought on “Jobless but not Hopeless

  1. Hang in there.

    “One day at a time” is the way to go but never lose sight of the dream. Nothing as pointless as a journeyman without a destination.

    You’ll see, years ahead, you’ll look back on these times with a smile on your face, with stories to tell of hard lessons learnt the way hard hard lessons are learnt.



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