My Ass Hurts

My left ass cheek hurts! I’m sorry is that TMI? It’s not really late breaking news is it? Well I sleep in a chair. Yes a chair. Granted, it folds out into a bed-like thing but my body is now SCREAMING for luxury! If this doesn’t motivate me to find a new job and find a new place (not that I don’t love living with 3 guys in a studio apartment) But ya know, I need privacy sometimes.

Speaking about unemployment, that seems to be still a major topic in the news still. On a lighter note here is an awesome website to keep your spirits up. I first caught wind when I read the book, but I’m encouraged to hear this guys story

I mean wow…I can draw! hmm maybe I should come up with something…ehhh I would need software first. I’ll stick to writing for right now

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