Dating and the Recession

I know we’re in the midst of the recession but even though there’s no money to be burning on a whim, for those of us that are still single we have to have a social life. I mean REALLY. You can’t expect me to spend ALL my time job hunting and watching soap operas.

But yet then comes that crazy question…If I do date, where do I go without spending all the money? I’m glad you asked. I happen to be the GURU of being cheap frugal.

So here’s a few points to remember for those dating or going out on a budget:
1. Buy your liquor at home not at the bar:
It’s far cheaper to drink at home and “stash a flask” in pocket and then head to the bar. If you’re dating another frugal minded person they won’t mind this and see you as wise.

2. Screw the movie’s rent those dollar movies from REDBOX:
You know those little red kiosk machines that spit out rentals at the grocery store. Plus a movie at home can be real romantic, because you can cuddle.

3. Take a walk in the park, around a pond, or at the beach:
Dating is about getting know each other, not spending money. Nothing helps two people talk better than strolling. Plus you can always buy cheap snack to eat versus larger dinner foods which are sure to satisfy.

4. CHOOSE small cafes and coffeeshops NOT RESTURANTS:
depending on what city you’re in, cafe’s and coffeeshops have cheaper food than normal resturants but by all means please don’t pick fast food resturants as a first date…that’s just tacky. Cooking meals should be saved for second dates.

5. Date during the week not the weekend :
If you’re the type that likes dancing, you’re far MORE likely to find a free dance club with no cover and cheap cocktails during any day other than friday and saturday. Choose a wednesday, thursday or even sunday evening for a real AFFORDABLE night out on the town for lower club prices.

All in all we love to have fun and whether you dating or you’re looking to save a few dollars until you land that AWESOME job, you have to keep your spirits up in meantime. There’s far more important things than money and hopefully while in the dating process you find someone who is cognitive of that and just wants to have fun too.

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