Almost Done with New Novel

snoopyOkay so I’m almost done with putting the finishing touches on the third novel.
I have a friend proofreading it right now (thanks Connie) but I think you guys will like it. I had to divide it up into two parts because it was soooo freakin long so, I will release the fourth book not too soon after. (So that’s a good thing)

I will be self publishing so I’ll put up links here on this site

and other places I frequent as to how to get the new book. You want a hint what its going to be about? Sure you do…
Okay, so tell me what you know about jinnis and how they relate to angels?

2 thoughts on “Almost Done with New Novel

  1. ok so it dawned on me there might be something new and interesting here since last time i looked at it, which was after you posted that it was fixed. you revised a bit since then, looks good. and lol–you’re welcome.

    btw your little pop-up thing that says “my pov” isn’t working, at least not right now, at least for me.


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