The Ring of Death

So it’s almost here, the new novel. i’m just getting some loose ends tied. tentative date will be in November this year and as you may notice, the title has changed. Below is the cover art, let me know what you thinkFlaming demon -

6 thoughts on “The Ring of Death

  1. Very eye catching and I can’t wait! Loved your other two books and they had me REALLY thinking. I love a good challenge. Thank you soooo much…for REAL reading material. Do you have any suggestions of other authors that share the same writing flare? Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

    Oh! Please let us know if your book release date changes.


    1. hey Mickey…you might find this weird but I read more non fiction than I read fiction. But some of my favorite authors are C.S. Lewis and Anne Rice in the fictional area. I had a friend tell me I should read the works of the late Octavia Butler…so I may check her work out. I should be ready to release late November, but stay posted on the site for changes.


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