Sweet November! Update on me.

I was debating actually blogging today. I’m in one of those moods. Ya know…where I really don’t feel like talking. It’s not a bad mood but I guess it could be perceived as such. I feel life coming back to me…yes SATURN (the planet of tests and trials) has moved out of my way…and NEPTUNE is finally moving forward.
If I’ve lost ya with my astro talk…that’s okay. A good place to get a MONTHLY FORECAST is at http://www.astrologyzone.com [picapp src=”0275/6145ad8d-f20f-4c36-90f8-5e17420a3c7a.jpg” width=”234″ height=”156″ /]
Enough of that though. ON to the news update of my life. Well, October wasn’t too bad. Partied pretty nicely with some friends over “Halloweekend” . Still in the midst of some final edits with the new book (be patient) and I am going to be acting in an independent horror flick this Saturday, which should be cool. It’s a small part but hey, the director, Dennis Divine, seems really cool.
My mom tells me,

“No matter how small the part, you act like you’re getting the Oscar”

…whats the saying? There’s no small parts just small ….penis? II dunno I can’t remember.
AND IN OTHER NEWS I may be cast in a reality dating show. I won’t say much on THAT..because well there may be privacy clauses and nothing has yet been confirmed but if all goes well I should be keeping busy.
My sister invited me to spend Thanksgiving with her in Vegas so IF ANYONE knows how i can get a cheap ticket …hit me up …PLEASE ..ASAP.
[picapp src=”0289/123544fb-9e3a-426c-b10d-a51b14509c9e.jpg” width=”234″ height=”156″ /]

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