God is a little girl

[picapp src=”0101/ce48939c-9d8b-405b-80b4-2bc9cd59b2ca.jpg” width=”500″ height=”333″ /]Of course I don’t mean literally. But when I speak of God, I am talking of the source of all life and energy. That source is where everything comes from and when we are done, it is where everything returns.

Forget about these beliefs of Heaven and Hell. That insinuates that life is created and lives separately outside of the Source but this is not shown in nature at all.

The source is our collective spirit. Our individuality, our soul, is just a branch of that collective. Our life, is just God (the source) playing out one scenario.[picapp src=”0301/0000301916.jpg” align=”left” width=”234″ height=”347″ /] Imagine a little girl playing with her Barbies. She controls the thoughts and actions of both Ken and Barbie. She controls their daily lives. How silly would it be for her to believe that they are real? It is not the dolls themselves that are real…but it is her. The personality SHE gives her dolls are really just her.

In the same way, our bodies are just vessels or dolls that the source (or God) is using to play out life. We should not believe any longer that what we live is any more real than that barbie fantasy home. [picapp src=”8/4/7/4/Barbie_Runway_Show_9938.jpg” width=”425″ height=”594″ /]

What we truly are is the source. And that is THE SAME for everyone. The same spirit that makes Suzy alive makes me alive. It is the collective soul. [picapp src=”e/d/6/7/Baby_girl_36_4468.jpg” width=”500″ height=”333″ /]


When you remember WHAT you are, things like psychic phenomenon, and deja vu become common place because you identify NOT with the dolls or the body but that which controls ALL….the Collective Source.

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