Universal Laws vs. Biblical Laws

I have some friends and family who are quick to pull a biblical scripture from the old or new testament and state that this is their claim to “success”. My own mother even claimed that I should give a “firstfruit” offering to get myself out of my financial difficulties.
Which provoked yet once again…my thoughts on the very antiquated mis-interpreted propaganda the western church has developed to get people to equate their financial state with their spiritual state.

First, for all my Christian peers who don’t study anything other than what your pastor deems “acceptable” answer me this question…

IF it is lawful in the old testament to give 10% of your income to your pastor the “Lord” then why is it that TORAH observant Jews today neither pay tithes or firstfruits to their synagogue?
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google it ….or click here
YEP…it’s true. JEWS know the old testament WAY better than Christians because that’s their primary source of spiritual knowledge. While most Christians pick only the old testament passages that are desirable.

The Bible (old testament) is a set of laws for the nation of ANCIENT Israel much like a constitution is used for America. The tithes was like their tax system and they used actual food not money. It was put into a store house for the Levitical preists and for those who were poor (welfare) at the end of the year the community ate what was left (tax returns).

Once you see that the Bible is collection of fables, poems, history, and mandates for a religious government (theocracy) for ONE NATION on this planet. You can begin to see things in their context.

WAKE up people. Your Church is robbing YOU if you feel OBLIGATEd to give 10% of your income or feel the wrath of GOD.( especially AFTER the govt takes that or more based off this system)

The universal truth is you reap what you sow…if you give you will receive. Karma–what you put out comes back to you. Nature is witness of that and that’s a universal law that all religions speak about.

So if you are blessed, thank the God of Creation but trust me…that God could care less if it’s 10% or 1%.

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12 thoughts on “Universal Laws vs. Biblical Laws

  1. Thank you Son, for trying to insult me with your beggit ideals of what the church is attempting to project on the saints. What is the character of God …to be first in the life of his creation, where that comes in the form of money or relationship, time, or fellowship, God wants first fruit. Research your Bible and see how many times God commanded the first to be given to him. Kingdom principles are what we are discussing here, not mans attempt to usurp funds from people.
    Thank you for an opportunity to share …. I have always put God first, and when I have gotten divine order wrong, I have corrected it and seen blessings overflow!!! in my life..



    1. Which is exactly my point are you practicing kingdom principles as in… THE KINGDOM of ANCIENT ISRAEL principles or the Principles of the Universe as a whole? If they exile every american from the states and put us in some foreign land , would you feel obligated to find a church building to dump all your money too because you believe thats the will of God? I didnt write this to offend but to teach. Giving is good…and you should continue but the church SYSTEM has made people think they MUST GIVE a certain way. A tithe to ANYTHING (be it a charity,a school, or even a needy random person ) is giving to the KINGDOM of GOD…not these Church buildings and that giving has no standard or minimum percentage on it. It makes no sense to me that people will give THEIR LAST to a church building (which hesitates to give money if you ask them) when they yet have bills or needs to met or family that is hungry. Give from your heart but not because its a ritual. THE TRUE KINGDOM of GOD is your family and loved ones…..not these buildings with crosses on them.

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  2. Montre’,

    I’ve known this for years, and when I questioned pastors years ago about their teachings, the could never ever substantiate how the food for the priest and the poor put in the storehouse(The Tithe), could be the money they mandate you to give today, i.e. 10% of your income. These theologians, namely those who have gone to seminary, know this truth as well, but because of greed, refuse to tell the truth about “The Tithe”, and thusly, continue to practice manipulation and control(witchcraft) in the church today, and people who attend. Thank You for so eloquently writing about this. I am posting this blog on my page, for all to see.

    I’ve been delivered from the lies the preachers tell!


  3. First and foremost, Thank you montre for being one of the few that have never turned and run in the face of conflict…

    in regards to this article, i grown up in a strong church upbringing where I went to church 10 times a week and heard the same “testimonies” being preached over and over again in different ways to achieve different reactions as needed or wanted by the “church”….now as an adult i am very skeptical about the “house of the lord” and the teachings being brought forward by these mega churches and even the small neighborhood churches who aspire to become a mega church, I have yet to understand the reasoning behind the 10% tithe that is asked from me when ever i enter the house of the lord to get the word. I feel that as children of god we should be able to aid and assist those of greater need then ourselves as the church should do rather than debate over whether we will gain access to the pearly gates based of our lifetime collection of tithes to the church. Does god really want us to pay 10% tithe to the churches building fund or to provide the ministry with new car and clothes, how about the new choir robes? (excuse my rambling) But i agree with you in the sense that we should pay tithe to god in the form of helping our brothers and sisters who are in greater need then our selves. Revelations told us all about false prophets and churches that are not churches of god…but no one talks about that part of the bible anymore….as you said they like to pick and choose what best works in the method of manipulation and control. We might as well go back to the days when preaches scared and controlled the church using fire and brimstone sermons…


  4. Interesting conversation. I admit that this has been a topic that has caused me to wonder as well. Yes, I believe that God wants us to sacrificially give and to put Him first. Jesus provides the story of the woman who gives all she has to demonstrate the importance of sacrifice and trust in God. I believe tithes and offering teach us how to prioritize God, especially financially. The love of money is the root of evil, so giving money may help reduce our attachment to it. However, do I believe that my lack of faithfulness in tithing with bar me from receiving the blessings of God? No. If that were the case, I would be really pathetic right now. I cannot agree or disagree about whether tithing is a must for the body of Christ. Myself, I would love to get to a point where I could give faithfully rather it was to a church or to a family in need or some other worthy cause. I do agree that the church does not have to be the only place we can give. I remember once taking money out of the ATM for tithes and stopping at the store on my way to church and being stopped by a homeless man. The only money I had was my tithes money and so I walked by him, but then God spoke to me and instructed me to return to him and give him my tithe money. My giving was more useful to him than my church. He just wanted a dollar or two for something to eat. Hopefully he was able to eat well that day, and maybe even the next.


    1. Beautful story, Andrea. The teachings of Yeshua (formerly Jesus) teach us that the “church” are people. We’ve been conditioned that it is a building or “organization” in which apply “membership” . Imagine a world where EVERY person simple gave 10% or however much of their personal income to someone they saw in need. No one would go hungry. I believe that world is possible but that’s not the world we have now.

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  5. Very interesting ideas Montre. I’ve always questioned and came up with the same ideas and beliefs you have. I find your writing style down to earth, readable and also amusing. I like the way you write.

    Jean Maurie 🙂


  6. Why is there so much confusion so many beliefs? A picture is worth a thousand words. The “Living Word” it’s alive and lives within your secret room (Matt.6:5-6) therefor all sculptures no matter how young or old are all pictures of the “Living Word”. So then its meaning is on the hands of the reader unless one reads through the guidance of “Living Word”. The souls are God within, go within and hear His unadulterated “WORD” and learn from the sources, for there is but only one teacher and all are but learned. God alone can stop the madness, the confusion so that you can live in “Truth”, live by God and not by man.


  7. First off I want to say I truly agree with your perspective of the church. Spirituality is good bur religion is controlling. Most churches cannot come to an agreeance of the true interpretation of scripture, giving the cause for so many different denominations of the same scriptures.. There is One Creator that Created us, the Universe and all and One Spirit that governs us Universally. These Universal laws that have been put in place by the creator does not depend on our belief in them to validate their Truths or being. It is what it is.. That’s why God said that I am that I am, being that He is a part of everything that He created. This proves his ability to be Omnipresent and Omnipotent.. The Kingdom of the Most High God is within us and will be with us wherever we go to supply all our needs as long as we ask and believe that He will provide..Traditions are meaningless but Truth is Power.. Blessings~~~


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