Keepin my Head up

Whatup People! Tre here…letting you know my update. Welp not too much going on. Have a good night!

JUUUUST KIDDING …what a boring blog that would be huh?

Any how Still looking for work. The Clear stuff is okay but I only get a couple of sales a week and its JUST TOO HOT to do door to door. I mean really. I try to do as much as I can online. In other news my little brother moved in as my roommate …that should relieve some financial burden but add to other burdens as he is JUST nineteen. But as long as he stays out of my hair we’re fine.

I got so bored and emotional that I decided to paint. I think it turned out pretty well. I may concentrate on being artistic more. Plus everything in my horoscope encourages to do so as well. I dunno. I’ve been sleepin on my art tryin’g to fit in with the “working” world…. but this is my work.

I get frustrated when my mom suggests all types of odd jobs that are no way in my field, what i went to school for, or that I have an interest or passion in doing for more than a weeks time. I know she means well, and I know I JUST NEED A GOOD JOB to get me to the next day But I really honestly want something I can see myself for the longterm. If I was nineteen, then maybe yeah…but my resume has too many things on it already and I hope the next thing I do is not only something that I can do for a few years but ….it’s something I LOVE

anyways enough of my blabbin… back to job hunting (btw…i’m bored as hell if anybody wants to hang out just let me know)

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