Oh Cool I was looking for something to do

So since I’ve been in Dallas I’ve been searching for cool LGBT things to do in this city that are black related.  Sadly, because of the normal southern homophobia…there wasn’t much but after much searching I have FINALLY found some positive outlets. check it out.

Whats going on next week @ U-BE? July 19 – 23, 2010.

2 thoughts on “Oh Cool I was looking for something to do

  1. I have read your page and this is what I think.

    I think you walk in a spiritual freedom that allows your curiosity to prevail. You mentally stimulate yourself by allowing yourself to go with the flow of live energy. So while you encounter the positive energy of freedom and spirituality, there is a price that you also must pay. The price you are paying is one that allows you to take the road of being uncomfortable and many people will not do this. When you walk in this kind of freedom exposing things and evils, you will walk alone.

    You see most people will not do this and disregard this kind of walk becuase of the unpopular sufferings. No one wants to be free and an individual. Very few people even walk in purpose!

    I hope you are happy walking in yours.


    1. wow…interesting. I will agree with you on this . Most my life I’ve walked fairly “on my own” in one way or another. I’ve grown quite used to it (wouldnt know how to do the opposite) yet I’m trying to find some happy balance by connecting with people in some way and being more active in groups of people.


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