Self Regression: dreams

Ah so i’ve been experimenting with this self regression technique. I’m playing this recording while I sleep. Its interesting …My dreams have been slightly different. But I’m not sure of everything so I’m just gonna write it hear. First I remember someone feeding a baby and he was done so I gave him a toy. He had to about almost two..cause he could almost talk…I don’t think it was me…the toys I gave him were the plastic kind but small. I gave him three of them. Then I flashed to some award ceremony? like the Emmys…but I was backstage, wiping lint off people. Everyone had to look perfect. I was frantic. I remember that my socks didn’t match what I was wearing..they were pink socks and I should’ve been wearing blue. So I was frantically changing socks. I had a pile of my clothes in a corner. Then I was on a boat…cant remember much from that…just that the boat was made of wood. That was interesting and I was on the dock? looking out. then fast-forward And me and a friend are in store with a saleswoman who is trying to sell my friend something. She doesn’t want it. She invites the sales woman over for dinner, says like “You’re always having us over, and that costs money come over to our place” then the dream changes again I’m in a car with some friends…and we’re celebrating something, going to go buy some wine and my friend says she’s got me. We’re gonna go buy a bottle some Wine for $5, I think she gives me ten…while in the bar some dude sniffs my hair? I don’t know…I wake up after that.

If this stuff is past life stuff, this is most random…day to day stuff that I have EVER seen. lol. But none of this has happened in my life. I’m gonna keep at it see what else may pop up.

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