….there’s always more to give. We get scared about losing ourselves in love. That if we give too much that’ll we’ll get hurt. But in truth…it’s love in itself that protects us. If someone rejects the love …it is not you that they are rejecting but it is the love within their self that they are rejecting and if they are attracted to you they are attracted to something that they find in common with their self. That should be love. I wrote a status….

“the best relationship is not when you see how much you can get…but when you compete with each other on who can give more.”

If we just continued to love… with no regret…with no apprehension …what would this world turn into? Of course Im not saying allow yourself to be taken advantage of and abused. be wise. be smart. Love you SELF as well.. FIRST and then emote the love that you give your own self to OTHERS. I adore me…so I adore you. Yet some people don’t even love themselves… so its almost as if you are trying to convince them …how lovable they are.

its sad really.

But when you find that one who loves…like you do… its great. There’s no feeling like it. It’s more than a feeling….

it’s an experience.

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