Silence the mind

I have this quote that I like to remind myself from time to time.

Never Let FEAR motivate or hinder your decisions

I’m not perfect sometimes I get scared. I can’t see the forest because of the trees. But then I have to remind myself that it’s just a journey. I think sometimes that “wow if I only just had this perfect job” or “If only I had this perefect love” and then when I don’t get it I beat myself up about it. I can be my worst critic.  I had to apologize to myself for the horrible relationship that I had given for so many years. Me and mySELF were in a conditional relationship. I wouldn’t let anyone else do that to me…why was I doing it to mySELF?

All these conditions in order to be happy.

All these conditions to have some peace of mind.

I think its okay to dream and to want more…but when I made that center stage my complete focus then what truly brings me joy? Just winning? Do I lose joy when I lose?  Can I be happy for those that compete with me ? Perhaps letting me know something I can do differently, because now I have an example.


Deep thought tonight folks.


I don’t want to be a slave to money or just success for that matter nor do I want to be a victim to losing. I have had times when I had so much and I was still looking for something. Still had this void. Perhaps it changes…perhaps a part of living is never feeling satisfied. Perhaps no matter what happens…I will always feel like “not enough”

What would happen if I just accepted the fact that satisfaction is only temporary. It’s just as fleeting as every other emotion. Perhaps I should seek something intagible and fight tooth and nail for it. Perhaps I should simply and easily seek peace of mind. ..where ever it is….



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