The Reason for Life

I was taking a stroll and I was thinking of all the craziness in the news. The earth quake in New Zealand, the civil unrest in Libya, or closer to home–the unemployment (that even I am affected by presently) . And my first thought was “well, everything happens for a reason.” but I stopped and re-thought. What if it doesn’t.

Why does everything have to happen for a reason? Does everything have a purpose? Were there simply things in the universe that simply happened on accident without some predestined causation or fated goal?

It’s so human to think that everything has a reason. Having been raised in a christian background I was taught to believe that….GOD’S PLAN. Now that I’m older and my spiritual beliefs have somewhat changed I begin to question all the original programming.

I think it would be irrational to go to the extreme and say that there was no causation or reason for anything. But I think it’s just as irrational to think that ALL things have a reason. To believe that is to make one simply go mad attempting to rationalize every event in ones life with a meaning or purpose. That all things are a sign or an omen of something either done or going to happen. Whatif …


I’ve come to grips with this school of thought. I’ve seen no better life from those who claim to have known God all their lives and do everything good from those who don’t really care. Good and bad things happen to all people, just some people believe they are being rewarded or punished because of those events and some people take the events as they are…just events.

True enough there are things that are purposed. There are things that are destined. There are times in my life that I know, no matter what choice I would’ve made I would have reached the same experience or mindset. But then there are other things that I don’t think really have purpose at all. Perhaps what gives an experience purpose is if I, the observer, give it purpose and meaning. Maybe we (as people) have a need to CREATE reasons, to rationalize things in order to cope. We cannot simple allow ourselves to feel (hate, pain, loss, joy, or even love) without reason. We always ask…WHY . Maybe the whole purpose of life…is to GIVE IT purpose. And If I decided not to give an experience purpose at all… I wonder, what happens to it?

3 thoughts on “The Reason for Life

  1. Hey this is beautiful. For me, things have purpose just like you said, if I give it purpose. And purpose means that I find some level of a silver lining in the dark cloud I’m facing. Sometimes, the silver lining is merely that the tragedy, dilemma, or otherwise disparaging situation is over. Like my babysitter always would say to me: “alls well that ends; it doesn’t have to end well. Just let it end.” and I subscribe to that philosophy. So, that the bad times have passed is my joy, the meaning to the problems. That’s what works for me.


    1. exactly Will, I have realized that nothing lasts forever and that INCLUDES bad things. So when bad events are happening I know that at some point the table will turn…and life must balance itself out. Thanks for the input.


  2. I enjoyed reading Will’s comments and your response. Excellent piece Montré. I am reminded that although tomorrow is not promised, it is STRONGLY implied! +wink+


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