Fighting Back Bullies

It’s interesting to be an adult and look back and think about being bullied in high school. If there was youtube then I would’ve probably been caught a few times. I was a nerdy kid with buck teeth and glasses (which i tried not to wear all the time) . I was called everything from bugs bunny to forklift. It was cruel and mean. Most the time I didn’t even know the kid who was talking about me and some of time it was somebody who I “thought” was a friend. It was an every day thing and I’m not over exaggerating. I could not remember one day from first grade up to tenth grade where someone didn’t call me out my name. At times I felt like ending it all…seriously and other times I struck back at who was talking about me. I would get so fed up and just explode! So I can understand how a quiet kid can flip the script.

No kid should have to go through that punishment constantly and I remember when I would see other kids go through it. When I saw other kids go through it I just felt relieved that the attention was off of me for the moment. I don’t feel any sympathy for bullies or the motivation for what they do (ie to be cool, status, whatever) so when I saw this video I was like WHOA!

what do you think about kids who fight back to bullies? Do you have a time when you fought back? Tell me your story.


in other BREAKING news!!!!

Im so in love with this new Britney video and song speaking of which…have ya’ll heard about ANOTHER earthquake in Japan and in Mexico and possible tsunami? What DA HELL is going on? I think it’s all the planetary pole shift.

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