Christians will NEVER accept Homosexuals! Stop trying.

…Unless you change. And that’s the underline motivation for everything they do. All the talk of unconditional love is bullshit mask to get you to constantly strive to be one thing…exactly the same. I was thinking about making a youtube vlog about this but I’ve already expressed my disdain about religion in one video already and my viewers can only take so much. SO, I thought it best to just write out my frustration.  All this started when I was browsing articles on some of my favorite Black news sources. The story about Kobe Bryant using a gay slur was one of them. I was flabberghasted at how insensitve the black community is toward the LGBT community and I kept asking myself why. However, it’s no surprise that most of the ideas and beliefs that african americans have toward sexuality are formed in the church. I have no problem with that…great. Believe what you want. I ignore the ignorant. This is not to straight people…this is religious homosexuals. But what I can’t understand is how anybody can be gay and STILL be in the Christian church.


It’s human to want acceptance and in truth I believe that this is one our fatal flaws. No one likes rejection. As a black in the LGBT community, you not only have to face the trials and discrimination of racism but also homophobia (or what I would like to call, sexualism) . It’s only natural that one would cling on to their last bit social acceptance that they have (church) . It’s only natural that there would be a need to prove that just because you’re gay, that you’re just as if not moreso dedicated to God as anyone else and that you’re not some evil scum. But who are you proving this to? Yourself? The church? God?

Sure you can break down Leviticus and show how outdated or misinterpreted the scriptures are. Sure you express that Jesus never said anything about it. Sure you can express that your God is about love and acceptance. But no matter how you believe, the Christian church thinks homosexuality an abomination. They secretly think, “Good try, you’re nice and all,  but ehhh…gonna miss you when I’m in Heaven….fag”  Just like there are white people who secretly call black folks niggers in secret…Christians do the same…but not even in secret, because they feel they have a divine right to express their disdain because of the Bible.

I’ve never seen a homosexual who wasn’t raised Christian just up and decide that “hmm, this is a cool religion.” Most homosexuals that are Christian are that way because they were raised that way. They know no other path.  Their Chrisitianity (no matter how much they disagree with its laws) is a product of their attempt to not be rejected by their social circle any more than need be. But that’s silly… because they have already rejected you.

I hear you, “it doesn’t matter what people think…God hasn’t rejected me”

This may be true. My challenge to you is to learn what spirituality is outside of Christianity because the more I think about it the less I see “God” in Chrisitianity. I see the hand of man all through it (the darker side of man) All this unconditional love is lie. It’s conditional. God will love you, but you have to live and be a heterosexual…its the right way. Homosexuals will never be seen as equal under the eyes of religion so stop looking for acceptance in religion (I’m JUST SAYING) . Ask yourself , IF YOU HAD NOT BEEN RAISED CHRISTIAN …what would your life be like? Would you really convert to christianity as it is today? And sure you may have some story about how God saved you from depression or death or whatever…but was that the CHRISTIAN CHURCH that did that or that sense of SPIRITUALITY within yourself?  You must understand…the God-consciousness within us is not exclusive to ONLY Christians (despite their belief) …It exists within everyone if we just listen.  There is nothing in the Christian belief system that teaches the believer to  tolerate, respect, or even love homosexuals (if they do, its completely personal or  it’s because they believe you to be a sinner not a brother) .  If you consider yourself lesser because you’re homosexual and you consider what you do a sin then continue.  YOU CANNOT CHANGE CHRISTIAN DOGMA.  We must learn that our capacity to love and respect each other supercedes religion and beliefs and without religion we will not forget how to do that.

I may offend…but if I do it’s because I AM SO FRUSTRATED with how we blindly just follow when we don’t have to. Im frustrated at the outright hatred and/or disrespect of gay men by CHURCH FOLK because we’re not heterosexual. and I’m frustrated at homosexuals playing uncle Aunt Tom to the church, and keeping quiet on issues just for acceptance …into the flock.


For more of my thoughts on how fucked up our society is….watch the video .

One thought on “Christians will NEVER accept Homosexuals! Stop trying.

  1. I feel ya. There is Spirituality outside of Christianity. It’s a shame that a lot of religious sects of misconstrued and twisted religious messages around to show hate towards homosexuals. It’s not the religion itself its the assholes who practice it.


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