Right Wing, Left Wing…. Oh just stop!

I swear, everytime the President makes a decision I think the “right” automatically says the opposite just because. The current issues is whether or not to show the dead gruesome photo of Osama Bin Laden.

I can understand the President’s stand on the issue. I don’t really care to see this person’s dead body. I didn’t go to see Sadaam’s execution nor was I invited. All I hear on the forums and posts is how “American’s” want to post the pics as “an example” of what happens when you mess with America. Okay, when did terrorism become the answer to terrorism? That’s exactly what they would do but does that justify that we should be like that?

I truly believe that if President Obama had decided to post the pics, the right would be arguing how inappropriate it was for their children to see such images online and how he was “bragging” or “overdoing” it. This is why I can’t stand politics. At any given moment, the news and the media will debate a NON-ISSUE and make it a LEFT or RIGHT issue. Now, all conservative SHOULD want to see the pics and all liberals shouldn’t .  I could care less. I just personally don’t want to see it, if they show the pics oh well. This is something I personally don’t want to turn on the news and JUST hear about this damn photo.  He’s dead… let the issue die. There will be other people who hate America ….get over it. As much as we do overseas “in the name of democrazy democracy”, I don’t blame them. But if we allow Osama to divide our country even in death, well…. he’s won anyhow and he’s proven his point… that we are one FUCKED up country.

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