My Realizations


that everything I learned as a child may be wrong and there’s a need to continually learn and reteach myself things.

I realize that I will probably not answer all the questions that I have in my head.

I realize that I have a diverse love for all type of music, food and cultures despite my upbringing that I can’t explain why.

I realize that I have the ability to be sexually intimate with both men and women and that gay and straight people both find this confusing.

I realize that I’ll probably end up with a guy. 🙂

I realize that there are supposed straight people who secretly want to have sex with the same sex.

I realize that there are gay people who hate being gay.

I realize that most people hate something about themselves.

I realize that when people look for love they look for some type of security.

I realize that insecurity tends to destroy hopes for love.

I realize that no one can rid a person of their insecurity but that person.

I realize that people have a fear of being forgotten or disappearing. (ie death)

I realize religion is a means to rationalize death.

I realize religion is irrational.

I realize religion is a means of socializing and being accepted in society.

I realize that my rejection of religion may be why I have lost a few friends.

I realize its not what you know it’s who you know

I realize college has only put me into debt.

I realize if you have bad credit it’s hard to get a job.

I realize that if I want a better job I better change my game plan.

I realize that I actually don’t need to be rich to be happy.

I realize that doing the things I love makes me happy.

I realize that I have a freedom in my mind that most people wish to have.

I realize how much that freedom has cost.

I realize that to progress in life I must connect with people who possess the same energy.


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