The Forbidden Fruit

As you guys know, I am a writer. I just wrote a new short story and I would love to have your input. It’s a simple story but if you know me, I always mix some type of metaphorical message into it. You comment on the short story itself or come back and comment here …. Either way I can read it. I anticipate your feedback.
The link is below:

The Forbidden Fruit – Associated Content from Yahoo! –

3 thoughts on “The Forbidden Fruit

  1. Montré: Absolutely loved the story and the metaphor was “ripe” with meaning. I can see this becoming a sort of children’s book! Really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Love the story Montre…I shared it with a couple friends…

    I don’t want to be overly detailed in my response, for the sake of those who may not have read it but read comments first (do people do that? Lol). But one scene that stuck out to me (among many), was the moment shared between the two friends when they met outside in the cold night, after *******. The sympathy, perhaps even empathy shown, was powerful. Followed by the hospitality (and then some) from the parents of the friend…that was awesome….

    I know this story is ‘fictional’, but clearly the concepts are non-fiction. I’ve met many like the family of the friend. So willing to help someone, educate them, give what they have to benefit a cause/sitations…in contrast to the family of the main character: nice and DOGMATIC…lacking compassion…legalistic and just triflin’, lol….again, great story!



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