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Personal Astrology Profile,

March 07 1978


Time of Birth:

Universal Time:

Sun Sign: Pisces

Moon Sign: Aquarius

Ascendant Sign: Sagittarius

Planetary Positions
sun Sun 16° 19′ Pisces house
moon Moon 22° 0′ Aquarius
Mercury 23° 44′ Pisces house
venus Venus 26° 59′ Pisces house
mars Mars 22° 25′ Cancer house
jupiter Jupiter 26° 27′ Gemini house
saturn Saturn 25° 38′ Leo house
uranus Uranus 16° 17′ Scorpio house
neptune Neptune 18° 16′ Sagittarius house
pluto Pluto 16° 0′ Libra house
Ascendant 3° 0′ Sagittarius
Medium Coeli 13° 49′ Virgo
Placidus Houses
House 1 (AC) 3° 0′ Sagittarius
House 2 3° 57′ Capricorn
House 3 8° 37′ Aquarius
House 4 13° 49′ Pisces
House 5 15° 0′ Aries
House 6 10° 51′ Taurus
House 7 3° 0′ Gemini
House 8 3° 57′ Cancer
House 9 8° 37′ Leo
House 10 (MC) 13° 49′ Virgo
House 11 15° 0′ Libra
House 12 10° 51′ Scorpio
Aspects Types
conjuntion Conjunction
opposition Opposition
square Square
trine Trine
sextile Sextile
conguncion 10 Degrees
oposicion 10 Degrees
cuadratura 8 Degrees
Trigono 10 Degrees
sextil 8 Degrees
Sun Mercury
Sun Venus
Sun Mars
Sun Uranus
Sun Neptune
Sun Medium Coeli
Moon Jupiter
Moon Saturn
Moon Uranus
Moon Neptune
Moon Pluto
Mercury Venus
Mercury Mars
Mercury Jupiter
Mercury Uranus
Mercury Neptune
Mercury Ascendant
Mercury Medium Coeli
Venus Mars
Venus Jupiter
Venus Uranus
Venus Neptune
Venus Ascendant
Mars Uranus
Mars Pluto
Jupiter Saturn
Jupiter Neptune
Jupiter Pluto
Saturn Neptune
Saturn Ascendant
Uranus Medium Coeli
Neptune Pluto
Neptune Medium Coeli
Planets luna mercurio venus marte jupiter saturno urano neptuno pluton
Planets’ distribution
Cardinal 2
Fixed 3
Mutable 7
Fire 3
Earth 1
Air 3
Water 5
Male 6
Female 6


There are different astologic schools; but all astrologers agree with the fact that there is a conection between cosmos and the Earth, as well as the fact that there is a relationship between a person’s time of birth and the position of the Sun, the Moon, and the planets in sky.

An astrological analysis could be compared with a psychological one, but with the advantage of putting into practice a method, which has been checked for thousand years, and, indeed, has not changed since its beginning. It is not a speculating approach, but a cosmic language referring to the main aspect of human nature, which remains unchangeable in spite of transformations that different civilizations and cultures of our planet can go through.

The natal chart looks like a sky map, the way a newborn would see it from its cradle, except for the fact that it also includes the invisible cosmos half that would lay under the horizon.

As a symbol, the central circle of the map represents the Earth, where we are. Around us, the twelve Zodiac signs are located at the outer portion of the chart wheel. They have a fixed segment of 30 degrees. Planets move within this space, passing by at different speed from one sign to another, following nonstop paths.

The arrow to the left represents the Ascendant, which at the same time, shows the sign that belongs to the First House. So, the horoscope is divided into twelve segments of arc that form astrological houses which are said to have significance for different areas of life.

An analysis of the astrological situation reveals the strong and weak points of today’s life, and it can help us find the place where our efforts will be easily rewarded; as well as the aspects in which we should be tolerant and patient, in order to overcome difficulties, anxiety, and barriers successfully.

However, we should always bear in mind that planets guide; they do not force. It is our attitude that sets the results.


The Ascendant(Rising Sign) – The way out

The ascendant is the point in the natal chart rising in the East at the moment of birth.

The ascendant shows our approach to life.

So, the ascendant can be related to the way our conscience arouses, in the same way we wake up in the morning, thanks to the sunbeams that clear out the darkness of the night.

According to the Zodiac sign that represents the ascendant, we are liable to understand its characteristics to shape our personality, and to make them appear as a mask beneath our own nature, which is symbolized by the sun, and the outer world. We are usually characterized based on the ascendant qualities rather than by the distinguishing aspects of our solar sign. Consequently, the Ascendant can be, firstly, an image we present to the world, or a shield, but also a kind of door that opens to our true personality and allows it flows a great deal of our own personality

The Ascendant in Sagittarius

  3° 0′

Introverted, mysterious, and home lover. You give peace. Endlessly devoted to travels and nature. Joyful, simple, calm, naïve, kind- hearted, optimistic and very friendly. You adapt easily to different personalities. Pretty much flexible. You avoid quarrels, so they feel comfortable in different situations. Communicative and self- confident; usually impulsive, excited and bad- tempered, but not for a long time. Your joy and self- confidence about future give people enthusiasm and happiness. Respectful, law- abiding, very conservative, down- right, helpful, faithful and steadfast. Quite interested in studying and traveling to other countries, in search of personal expansion.
Particularly frank, philosophical, comprehensive, athletic, generous, optimistic, upright, religious, well- read enthusiast and fond of freedom. On the other hand, you are reckless, convincing, unbridled, sudden, impatient, gamblers and vehement. You can be somewhat chatterbox and aggressive. From the professional side, you behave without too much problem in the subject you like, because you are brightly intelligent. What is more, you have a quite developed so- called ‘sixth sense.’ Love relationships are perceived as a habit, because you are passionate and vehement. However, you can’t stay too long in the same place because of your unstable and anxious character, like the wind, coming back and forwards.

The Sun – the creative self

Among those thousands stars that make up our galaxy, there is one of great size, located in one of the Milky Way’ spiral extreme points, which we are highly interested in, due to the fact that we can live near it, and thanks to it: the Sun. The Sun is also our main source of energy, mainly represented by light and heat.

It exercises a great force of gravity over other planets, which revolve around it. The sun is at about 150 million kilometers; it is 1.39 million kilometers in diameter, resulting in the greatest of all planets.

It has been the most extraordinary human observation, so it plays an important role in all mythologies. In Roman mythology, the sun was represented by Apollo, the god of light, vital energy, and healing. On the other hand, Egyptians called it Rá, among other names.

In Aztec mythology, the sun was represented by Huitzilopochtli. The solar Phoenician god Baal, which was venerated in the shape of a black stone, became popular in the Roman Empire in the second century.

In Astrology, the position of the sun reveals the basic quality of our conscience. It is the most important part of our personality, just the way the sun is the center of our galaxy.

There is no room for doubt that the sun is essential for astrological studies, though it is important to keep in mind that it is only a condition among other ones.

The sun symbolizes truth and integrity. It provides the native person with happiness, self-confidence and good health. The sun is the planetary ruler of Leo, which share many of its characteristics

The Sun in

16 °
19 ‘

It is a water sign ruled by Neptune. The person with this sign is intuitive, sensitive, humble, generous, kind, and hospitable. He is associated with the mystic, inspiration, and a spirit of great self-sacrifice. He is linked to his surroundings mainly by means of his feelings.The solar element for this sign shows the state of conscience, and whatever inspires, strengthens, and fascinates them.The Sun in Pisces leads him to a natural tendency to push him deep down into himself, so he reaches the bottom of the unconscious. He feels attracted by the mysterious; he feels identified with something beyond the physical world. Besides, he is humble, helpful, and sensitive. It is hard for him to make decisions, because Neptune, which rules Pisces, is a misty planet that reveals a tendency to indeterminate thoughts. His challenge is to overcome his fears and think about his great creative capacity. He is associated as well with shrewdness and sensitiveness, which allow him to know his atmosphere and its disposition. On the other hand, he is a very touchy person, which sometimes lowers his motivation to struggle.Because of his sympathy, tolerance, and compassion, he can understand and help others efficiently. His greatest strength is his capacity of inspiring, supporting, and calming others down.

The Sun in the House IV


The fourth house is that of the beginning and end of life. It represents the hidden part of one’s personality. It is associated as well with our roots, our lineage, and our deepest feelings. It also has to do with our parents’ home and ours, real estate assets, one’s father, instincts and family traditions, and a new house and its facilities. This house is linked to the unconscious side of the human mind, the emotional basis, and one’s mother as a symbol of shelter and nourishment.The sun in this house describes an honorable, powerful, or really important father for the person. There is a strong interest to raise a family, and a safe home. It depicts a home-loving person, who enjoys housework and ho is liable to rule at home. This is a person who is proud of his family heritage and is excessively identified with his traditions, to the extent of becoming just a copy of what it represents. However, there is a risk of rejecting these elements, as a way of being free of rules. If it is this way, it will be wise to admit your legacy and your previous family ties, without forgetting about raising an identity with your own rights.

The Sun
Conjunction Mercury


Clear and deeply thought ideas, harsh judgments, and practical intelligence are expected. There is ability for languages, good memory, and quick and precise thought schemes. If Mercury is retrograde, it means hidden sharpness or little expression to the environment. On the other hand, it could be associated with documents or agreements that hide information, or lack of attention to details. When the sun precedes Mercury, these features can drop off one’s expression, concentration, and abilities for languages and communication. There are shipping, deliveries, and papers that should be done. It speaks about brothers that play an important part in natives’ education. There is enlarged intellectuality. It is associated with writers, editors, journalists, teachers, and counselors. Communication, books, and knowledge, are very important for them. They tend to make people mad because they do not pay attention to what others say or disagree with others’ opinions. They do not apologize easily, because it means that they made a mistake. They speak with authority and they love positions associated with control, in which their orders will not be in question. They have a youthful appearance which may attempt against credibility. They judge quickly, thinking they know everything, which reduces their professional progress.

The Sun
Conjunction Venus

It describes affectionate people, who have a weak character though. This is true mainly if this conjunction is accompanied by negative aspects. Besides, there is a strong sensuality, great happiness to live, greed, excesses, and lust. When they allow themselves, they can go through a fit of romanticism, which have nothing to do with their weak character. There is also sensitiveness and artistic inclination, charm and attraction, by means of which they gain others’ consideration. There is as well social success. These are the best prospects to get married and have a happy love relationship, especially for women. It talks about creative and artistic relationships or those related with creative arts and social skills. It is also associated with affectionate communication, elegance, family harmony, profitable output- mainly in earth signs. It is also related with the opposite sex’s favorite ones, models, artists, creative people, and diplomats. Their worst quality towards their couples is that they think they will think about them in a positive way, though they do nothing to deserve it, with their just being there will be enough to attract. They should select carefully their lifelong couple, who will cause a substantial effect to their own perception and that of the world around them. Their couple, sensuality, and partners are very important. Especially, they try to be seen by others as someone important who offers several values to those who are willing to share them.

The Sun
Trine Mars

It is associated with people who lose control easily. They are violent, foolish, and impulsive, under such conditions, trough they regret it afterwards. Such behavior makes it hard for them to communicate with the environment, and make them experience changing professional conditions. On the contrary, if it is in the right way, it describes a self-confident personality that is associated with certainty and promptness in one’s own reactions, undertakings, determination and proper management of enterprises. Inheritances are increased. There is also overestimation of one’s capacities, people, and things. There is energy, dynamism, and action in almost everything they do. There is a tendency to adventure and risk, mainly if they are challenged. Sex and exercise are very important. They feel they do not have to give in to nobody, which could hold up the first stages of a more formal relationship, unless there is struggle to conquer the same person, where there is a rival to defeat and a prize to win. Eventually, romances, which will end up as soon as the other person is conquered, will show up.

The Sun
Trine Uranus

It is associated with rough, arrogant, and extravagant attitudes; it is also associated with high and real ambition. Besides, it shows variations and unexpected changes that go with this person wherever he or she goes. The way to deal with others may vary. It is associated as well with magnetism, love for freedom, and success in relevant, original, unique, and unusual activities that are characterized by original and innovative actions. It is also linked to productive individualism that benefits groups of people, and a positive mind. If these energies are channeled into in the wrong way, his or her personality will be characterized by a remarkable ill and short-tempered character, a conceited egocentrism, apathy and tendency to paranoiac and depressing states of mind. These are people that, in one way or another, can be considered as exceptional, they can plan ahead and develop projects with a never-ending dynamism. They can be completely illogical or overconfident enterprises that seem not to belong to this world, inventions, and scientific and technical dealings of paramount importance. They exert great influence over others’ imagination; it is sometimes a personal magnetism that reassures a never-ending list of admirers. There may be cases of nervous states and hyperactivity, and telepathy and perception. Life keeps moving, even in its own routine. Personality describes as rebellious as it concerns privacy, independent to self-sufficiency, introspective, stubborn, and quite talented in many fields-mainly in new and up-dated techniques. It is associated with system technicians, engineers, architects, astrologers, scientific researchers, radiologists, and geodesies. Changes are very important. The ideal couple should be someone realistic and objective to balance the nature of the native.

The Sun
Square Neptune

They are characterized by soft character and human affection that make them quite popular and vulnerable. Dissatisfaction with life hardiness can cause them to go through psychic depression, terrible despondency, and awful desperation, which they tend to hide to others, as well as different ways to escape and sometimes dangerous bad habits for them. It is also associated with premonitions. They tend to underestimate themselves and others, which often makes them feel disappointed. It is linked as well with compulsive mythomania and impossibility to see reality, for as long as they do not have to face the negative side or responsibilities. There are frustrating or traumatic joints with professionals, artists, and talkative people. There is loneliness still in company.

Moon – The emotional attitude

The Moon is the natural Earth’s satellite. It is our closest star. It is less than a third in diameter compared with the earth. The average distance between the center of the earth and the moon is about 384 400km. The same side of the moon always faces the Earth, which means the orbit of the moon syncs up with its orbit around Earth. The Moon does not have light by itself; on the contrary, it reflects the sun’s rays. While the Sun represents masculine principles, the Moon depicts the feminine one. The Moon orbits the earth in about 28 days and a half; it produces the regular ebb and flow of the tides, because the steady and in-rotation movement of the sea water is due to the gravity between the Earth and the Moon.

From long ago, men have been astonished with the Moon’s size, its orbit, and its phases. It was one of the most important celestial bodies, along with the sun. Its timekeeping has been taken as calendar in many cultures. It has been source of inspiration of legends, myths, and stories. It was venerated in many cultures; in Greece, it was Artemisa, Hecate, and Selene.

The Moon symbolizes the emotional part of the human being. Generally, one’s change of mood is controlled by the Moon. That is the reason why, it depicts daily life, unconscious habits, rhythms, memories, and the ability to react and adapt to others around us. It is also associated with the mother, maternal instincts or the urge to nurture, the home, the need for security, and the past, especially early experiences and childhood. Likewise, it has to do with dreams, the unconscious, and fantasy. Besides, it is associated with laziness, rest, fear. It governs production, commerce, and food production.

Physically, the moon is associated with the digestive system, stomach, breasts, the lymphatic system, tear system, pancreas, the ovaries, the womb, menstruation (which does occur on a monthly cycle), and the sympathetic nervous system.

Moon’s different phases say a lot to astrological interpretations. For example, people who were born under the New Moon have the ability to concentrate easily, while those who were born under Full Moon, are known as objective people with a clear mind.

Moon In



People born under this Sign love freedom but are scared about commitment; strict attitudes and characterized by originality; ideals of independence, fraternity and global world; strives to break the natural order of common social things; discover future; intense way of living; dream about new horizons; hate routine and stability. This Sign is ruled by Saturn and Uranium; belongs to Air element; Air Signs live in the abstract world of idea and thought, which are as true to them as any physical object.

The Moon in this Sign shows a sensitive and humane character; independent; look for freedom in love relationships; very sociable with many friends; his place is that of meeting with friends and group activities; rebellious; stubborn; afraid of ties or responsibilities. Confident when express thoughts freely; reveals his inner thoughts as nobody does; altruist; needs others’ approval; great capacity to listen and understand, as well as advice others.

Moon in the House III


The Third House is that of the Environment; brothers and sisters, cousins, relatives and neighbors; primary education; communications; travels; written pieces of work; our desires and efforts; the way we perceive the different things that come to our lives; logical thinking; domain of dialogue and information gathering.

It is also that of challenges and efforts for our goals. The Moon in this House shows many environmental changes, numerous short journeys with one’s family or group of friends; love for literature; would make good journalists, editors or directors; good relationships with brothers and sisters, as well as with neighbors, though a little bit versatile; naturally curious and eager to learn a bit of everything; highly memory gifted and good at studies; interested in the way things work.

Trine Jupiter

This is about a person who has a sociable, straight, and joyful character. It is also associated with kindness, tendency to help others, educate, give advice, and serve as an auxiliary. This person is lucky at home, with social life, with journeys, and finances, because of his vivid imagination and his common sense at the same time. Personal image and entertainment are quite important. He insists on having the chance to help others and show his honest affection for others. He knows it is better to give than to receive. He always provides with the benefit of doubting, and he is convinced it is possible to do something to increase people’s level of conscience. In fact, he will assume this fact as a moral duty if he notices this need. It is also associated with public welfare programs, defenders or managers of hospices and alike, rehabilitation, journeys because of these issues, and relationship with laws. Leaving inheritances is also important for this person. He should learn to have enough rest from his responsibilities.

Opposition Saturn

This person is very understanding, but he also goes through periods of depression and significant pessimism. He is usually apprehensive about events and people; he takes life and things too seriously, which shadows the colors of his existence. During his childhood, he could have felt he was not loved or that he was neglected; besides, he had to face difficult responsibilities. In his adulthood, he tends to get along with old people better that with young people. This may be a cause of loneliness, bitterness, and resentment with bosses; who see this as a threat. Medicine could be a perfect way to channel this tendency effectively. You should learn your job properly, or you’d better not get rid of those who can teach you more. You should keep you emotions close to the professional side. Your partner may be a continuance of you parents, if he or she is largely subjected to his/her childhood. However, you could be happier if your couple could compensate those needs of your childhood. If you have succeeded in changing your attitude, you will be at ease; you may have a more liberal mind, and you will desire a similar partner, who helps you to make the most of your capacities. You should not go over those strict schemes with your children, so they can be more self-confident, free, and effective as adults.

Square Uranus


It describes roughness and insolence in the person’s ideas and expressions of his or her feelings. There is unusual and high emotional stress, no conventionalisms, and dissolute behavior. The sense of real time is missing, but there are enough perceptions about innovative and extraordinary matters; these are the things that sometimes make him lose emotional balance. It is hard to put up with obstacles and setbacks. There is a tendency to be at sea, with no compass or helm, but only with his sole conscience. He could lead to madness and more or less unconscious criminal events. Adapting to changes is important; it depends on how you look at it: it could be an absolute success or a complete failure. There are secrets. They are rarely biased in one sense or another in other people’s arguments. They like to get involved with people for the sake of adventure. Average people seem not to have any impact on this person. It is quite possible that his lifestyle will have nothing to do with that of his parents, unless it is his couple, because he likes old-fashioned methods in which one of them exerts absolute power. At the same time, he needs to see his couple at the same position in marriage. He can not put up with any conditioning attitudes in any of his life spheres, so his couple should be really open-minded and quite understanding. Marriage is only possible if you are willing to make commitments and keep your word; it does not matter what happens to you.

Sextil Neptune

It describes vivid imagination and productive perceptions; the person may develop extra sensory abilities since he or she was very young; it also speaks about very lively dreams; musical, artistic, plastic, or aesthetic arts, as well as poetry. It is associated with inspiration without limits, literary abilities, significant mysticism, and astrology, as well as spiritual guides, and proper didactic materials. This person lacks emotional or mental maturity; he or she lives in an unreal world, where he feels sheltered. He learns to distinguish between dreams and reality. It describes the right expression of works of art: plastic, musical, literary, or another one.

Trine Pluto

It is associated with fast metabolism, restlessness, and youthful appearance. There is a great need to change and do things that change one’s world and that of others. It is linked to professions such as psychologists, psychiatrists, and mind healers. Solving traumas, fears, and guilt, is important. They feel deep and dedicated love. They dislike temporal relationships, unless sexual ones, which will never satisfy them, so they would rather wait for the right person who share their own deep feelings, before they engage. They keep looking for this relationship, so they evaluate themselves and the possible couples over and over again, quitting when expectations are not fulfilled. With the passage of time, their previous couples will not recognize them. On the other hand, with the passage of time, they will probably find out that his or her partner some time ago, who was dumped because of somebody else, was the most important for him or her, and if it is not too late, they will go and look for him/her. You may find out and enjoy the true love, which is the source of emotional inspirations, deep love, and a way of individual growth.

Mercury – Mind expression

It is about 58 million km far from the Sun. It is 4875 km in diameter. Its volume and mass are similar to those of the Earth, and its average density is almost similar to the Earth’s. Mercury takes only 88 days to orbit the sun (Earth’s years). Research has proved that it rotates in its axis every 58.7 days; so, it rotates once and a half in its axis during each orbit period. It has a rugged, porous, dark-rocked surface. It is similar to that of the Moon. Mercury’s rounded hills, covered with dust, have become eroded because of the continuous meteorites crashes. Faults rise above several kilometers and are several kilometers long too. Craters cover the surface. In the past, its rotation movement could have been faster. Scientists discuss whether it could have been only in 8 hours, but in million years it has slowed down due to solar tides.

The name Mercury comes from Romans, who gave it this name because of the winged feet messenger of gods, for it seemed to move faster than any other planet. In Roman mythology, Mercury is like the Gods’ Ambassador that makes spiritual communication easier. It is also the fast and clever god of traders, who is gab gifted and good at business. Likewise, it is the god of thieves, because it has fun lying to others. In Greek astrology, was called Hermes, the god of borders and travelers who cross them. Also, it is the god of shepherds and cows, speakers, people of literature, and poets. It also rules athletics, weights and measurements, and business in general. It governs liars and thieves’ shrewdness.

In Astrology, Mercury represents the principles of communication, mentality, thinking patterns, rationality and reasoning, and adaptability and variability. As a star, it rules Gemini and as a nightfall star, it governs Virgo.

Mercury in


People who were born under this sign are pretty tender, mature, and deeply emotional; their mood is also changeable. Besides, they are romantic, lovely, and they are moved when they feel someone loves and understands them. Likewise, they are touchy, good dreamers, spiritual, comprehensive, and generous. They feel true devotion. This is a water element, so they get through basically by means of their feelings. The water represents the world of disguised emotions, from strong passions and nonsense fears to feelings of worldwide love and compassion.Mercury in this sign provides the person’s mind with certain attitudes of intuition and imagination. Generally speaking, they are always right in their approaches. They are kind, happy, fun, with a great ability to solve mysteries and work silently and fast. They love poetry, music, and spending some time on their own, because it helps them reflect upon and plan ahead future. They like to be guided by their imagination, idealism, and premonitions; they always follow their instincts; whatever their hearts say.

Mercury in the House IV


The fourth house is that of the beginning and end of life. It represents the hidden part of one’s personality. It is associated as well with our roots, our lineage, and our deepest feelings. It also has to do with our parents’ home and ours, real estate assets, one’s father, instincts and family traditions, and a new house and its facilities. This house is linked to the unconscious side of the human mind, the emotional basis, and one’s mother as a symbol of shelter and nourishment.Mercury in this house describes an intellectual home: it is about an academic setting or intellectual jobs in the dwelling. They like changes of house, job, or friends. Besides, they are gifted with an innovative personality; they hate routine, that is why they always try to change their environment, at least to change the arrangement of the furniture at home or in the office.

Conjunction Venus


It is linked to sociability, a complement between art and applied sciences, and a way with words and the power to influence others. From the negative part, there is lack of responsibility in all spheres of life. It is also associated with telling lies, and the lack of steadiness and resolution. These people have psychological, diplomatic, ingenious, and creative abilities; they have a vivid and restless intelligence. They are kind as nobody else is. It is also linked to professions such as drama, pedagogy, journalism, restaurant managers, aesthetics, and designers, in general. Conversations about love and inner peace are quite important.

Trine Mars

These people are good at arithmetic and math. They have an active and foresighted mind; they have mechanical and martial skills. They know how to struggle honestly in life. They make use of strong words in their daily speech. They want a comfortable life with no effort at all. It is also associated with insignificant lies. It has to do with professions like announcer, journalist, or scandalmonger. It is linked to polemic speech, as courage to think and act, and belligerent, contradictory, abusive, domineering, and warrior tendency. Taking action and winning is important.

Square Jupiter

It is associated with superior intelligence, pragmatism, organization, excellent financial knowledge, and quite certain criterion. There is a possibility to exercise honorable, profitable, and high-status positions. They like and are good at studies; it is associated with scholarships abroad, but they are unable to keep interest and enthusiasm until they get the necessary practical knowledge to be put into practice. They are impulsive. From the negative point of view, it is associated with legal trouble, lack of honesty, incapability of fulfilling their commitments. These people can not listen to others. It is also associated with wasted chances, because they are waiting the easiest way to get to the same objective. It describes unhappy relationships. It is linked to professions such as lawyer, judge, university students or staff, speculative stock market, accountant, physician, managers, educator, journalist, and writers. Studying and improving is important. The biggest obstacle between you and success is the fact that you pretend to reach if from above, which is impossible in this conjunction. Signatures of legal documents should be checked by professional stuff from the area involved.

Trine Uranus

It is associated with mind power, and a great capacity to solve any problem. It is linked to an extraordinary talent, pioneering methods of thinking, leadership, positive points of view, spirit of freedom, and nerves of steel. It describes people who have an extremely restless, moving, explosive, ingenious, innovative, rebellious, unconventional, and absolutely free temper. Besides, they may be self-taught people. Keeping up dated is important, and they will attend several courses, workshops, conferences, and associated travels. They are experts in their subject.

Square Neptune

It is associated with an ability to understand others and feel what they feel; mythomania or ability to change the truth in order not to face reality. In this case, higher education is a must to channel this behavior positively. This person overestimate others’ qualities and underestimate his or hers. He or she tends to be impressed by glamour, luxury, or others’ marked presence, which makes them create an illusion of a romantic relationship created by themselves, which is not always shared. These people are easily affected, so all kinds of stimulators should be avoided. If both planets are retrograde, this person will not talk about what he or she is thinking of, which could disguise easily his or her unstable states. It is important to channel usefully creativity and psyche. This person has a way with medicine, in any of its branches. They have a vocation for service. It is associates with pure feelings, strong personal magnetism, excellent and inspired imagination, and states of enlightenment. They may be described as prophetic, romantic, mysterious, or unusual people. It is also linked to poetry. As they expose to the eventual dangers of the world, they reject all temptations to accept real world’s magic, which they clearly see colorless. From the negative side, it is associated with large and restless easiness to be affected; if the aspect is formed in 4, 8, or 12, there is a tendency to suicide, negligence, religious fanaticism, and historic or false visions.

Trine Ascendant

This person can be described as intellectual and he or she feels enthusiastic about every piece of information he or she receives. This person holds valuable information, so he or she will always provide an answer. It is easy for these people to learn some new content; they do not need too much concentration. During a meeting, he or she leads the conversations, which are always nice, enjoyable, and very instructive. He tends to use gestures and he is quite dramatic in his speeches. He will always succeed in catching others’ attention. People are fascinated because of his command of language and the message conveyance. Never is he afraid to talk; he will provide with all necessary elements to convince his interlocutor. The fact is that he will almost always be right. He should only be careful not to be arrogant or selfish towards his knowledge. He knows knowledge is power; he knows hot to deal with it efficiently.

Venus – The way to love

Venus is the second planet of the Solar System, taking as point of reference the distance with the Sun. its name comes from the Roman goddess of love called Venus. It is about a terrestrial or telluric planet, usually called the Earth’s sibling planet, because they are both similar in terms of size, mass, and composition. Venus’s orbit is an ellipse almost circular, with an eccentricity less than 1%.

Since Venus is closer to the Sun than the Earth, it can always be in almost the same direction of the Sun. so it can be seen from the Earth at sunrise or after twilight. However, in times when Venus is brighter, it can be seen all day long, resulting to be one out of the three celestial bodies that can be seen either during the day or at night. It is well known as the Morning Star or Evening Star. When it can be seen, it is the brightest body in the sky, apart from the Moon. It has been observed long ago. Its movements in the sky were known by most of ancient civilizations, playing an important part in almost all astrological interpretations related with planetary movements. Particularly, the Maya civilization created a religious calendar based in Venus cycles. The symbol of the planet is a stylish image of Venus’s mirror. It is a circle with a small cross underneath, used as well to mark the feminine genre.

In Roman mythology, Venus was the goddess of love and beauty. In Greek mythology, Aphrodite, daughter of Jupiter and Dione, according to some legends, or daughter of the foam, according to others. As the goddess of love and beauty, she was perfect in shape, and pure in her qualities, adding an innocent touch. She had a smiley face.

In Astrology, Venus is associated with beauty and desires. Its position in the astral chart shows us the urge to sympathize and unite with others; it is associated with the principles of harmony; it governs romantic relations, our devotion, the arts, fashion and social life. It represents the human ability to value and give an essential meaning to his experiences, thanks to our feelings. As Morning Star, it rules Taurus; as Evening Star, Libra.

Venus in Pisces


People who were born under this sign are pretty tender, mature, and deeply emotional; their mood is also changeable. Besides, they are romantic, lovely, and they are moved when they feel someone loves and understands them. Likewise, they are touchy, good dreamers, spiritual, comprehensive, and generous. They feel true devotion. This is a water element, so they get through basically by means of their feelings. The water represents the world of disguised emotions, from strong passions and nonsense fears to feelings of worldwide love and compassion.Venus in this sign offers sentimentalism, compassion, charity, extreme sensitiveness, and fear from rejection. It depicts a person able to carry out any sacrifice for the beloved one. This person expresses his/her affection in a sensitive and tender way. They are sentimental and kind. These people have a great tendency to the art, music, poetry, or photography.

Venus in the House IV


The fourth house is that of the beginning and end of life. It represents the hidden part of one’s personality. It is associated as well with our roots, our lineage, and our deepest feelings. It also has to do with our parents’ home and ours, real estate assets, one’s father, instincts and family traditions, and a new house and its facilities. This house is linked to the unconscious side of the human mind, the emotional basis, and one’s mother as a symbol of shelter and nourishment.Venus in this house depicts comfortable and pleasant home and family. There is also a love relationship that appears late or with an older person. This is a helpful, sensitive person, who feels a spiritual obligation to help people in need, and even if he can not provide with material assistance, he will find the way to help and show his real concern. Everyone who knows him, loves him, because he is always willing to give a hand; heis always attentive to events; he is quite optimistic and generous.

Venus Trine Mars


It is associated with happiness in marriage, joint between sensuality and sexuality, and strength associated with tenderness. These people are considered excellent lovers. Generally speaking, it is associated with sensual, sexual, instinctive, joyful, absorbing, and selfish passionate love relationships. It is also linked to the passionate, choreographic, or pictorial art. They would like to be successful, but not at all risks. They can be considered as kind people. It is also about breaking and bringing together marriage. He or she tries to exert control over his or her partner, but he does not try to frustrate the other person’s possibilities of success and spiritual progress. On the contrary, he looks for the way others near him improve. Sexual love is important, but he succeeds in finding another way to satisfy his needs and passions. Working with the public may be a positive way to channel this tendency, because they would hardly get used to be alone in one office, without contact, crisis, and negotiations with people. They will only make a commitment after thinking things over and over again; they hate not to keep his word.

Venus Square Jupiter

It also has to do with kindness and warmth, double-parted protection, benefits, good luck, ability to practice sports and do outdoors activities, happiness and pleasure for life. From the negative point of view, it is associated with an exaggerated voluptuousness, a life of pleasures that affects health, spirituality that contradicts materialistic ambitions, wealth and powers showing off, mediation, absorbing personality, vanity and hypocrisy, manual skills. Perhaps, they did not have a plentiful childhood, in terms of material possessions, but it was rich in love, understanding, and affection. In adulthood, luxury and comfort will show up, only after overcoming negligence and irresponsibility, and maybe excessive ease.

Venus Trine Uranus

These people have special talents for arts, mainly music. It is associated with painting, movies, drama, and quite modern shows. It introduces original and creative concepts. It reveals a comprehensive sensitiveness. Feelings are expressed freely. It is also associated with a bohemian lifestyle. There is a like and ability for poetry. There is a humanitarian and ecologist attitude. Life is focused on activities that could stop the development of steady relationships, but, on the other hand, there is a possibility of early or quick marriages, and secrets during youth, that later will become stable relationships. If it is not the case, it is better to put off marriage until the person has a stable carrier and an established job. This person will reject society old-fashioned and repressive concepts. It speaks about too many lovers, and little satisfactions, until he gets to secure a happy marriage.

Venus Square Neptune

From the negative side, it is associated with a tendency to want what is forbidden, as well as emotional, sexual, and affectionate instability. The person is unable to cope on his or her own. This person also has an unpleasant temper. It is also associated with a false mysticism, and overweight problems. Love disappointments are quite common in this aspect because this person attributes qualities to his passions they do not possess, or the other way around, he confers negative qualities to people, which are unreal. There is absolute capacity to judge people and value people objectively. Life harshness become painless for these people, who will prefer to run away or isolate as long as they do not have to face real world. Only will a good psychological therapy help to look objectively these people’s concepts, priorities, goals, and dreams. Lying in the realms of love and romance with no protection at all can be dangerous.

Venus Trine Ascendant

It is associated with social enchantment; sweet manners that make everyone around accept them. It is also associated with a fascination for good things of life; these people are in the search of a stable partner who has the same likes. This person is quite clever and he or she takes advantage of his or her skills because they know how to gain admirers. They behave in society like nobody does. He should spend more time developing more important attitudes and qualities that will him them deserve all gifts and love they look for.

Mars – The audacity of self- assertion

Research has proved that Mars had a more solid atmosphere, with clouds and rains that gave origin to rivers. There are furrows, islands, and shores in the surface. This planet has such a thin atmosphere, mainly composed of carbon dioxide, which freezes continuously in each of the poles. Great differences in temperature cause strong winds. As the ground erodes, there are storms of dust and sand, which impoverish the surface even more. Mars has two satellites: Fobos and Deimos. They are small and revolve fast around the planet. This made hard the discoveries of these satellites through the telescope. When it is closer to the Earth, at about 55 million km, Mars is the brightest body in night-time sky. It can be observed easier when Sun- Earth-Mars are lined up, and it is closer to the Earth. This happens every 15 years.

The reddish shade of the surface is due to oxidation or corrosion.

In Roman mythology, it was the god of war. In Greek mythology, it was Ares, son of Zeus and his true wife Hera. Impulsive and well-built Ares does not understand of battle, friends, or enemies; he destroys everyone with no distinctions. That is why, Atenea, defender of fair wars, hates the god of war for free. Nowhere in Greece is he welcomed or honored. He symbolizes death, pain, devastation. He is somewhat show off because of its physical complexion. He has pretty Aphrodite’s love.

In Astrology, Mars is associated with impulsive energies, courage, enthusiasm, anger, and also sexuality. Mars is the ruling planet of Aries and Scorpio. It is the planet that encourages making a step forward to do something. It is famous for its strength and encouragement. It serves as a source of inspiration to carry out important enterprises, and face risks. Indeed, Mars is neither negative nor positive. It symbolizes our energy which tends to express our desires.

Mars in Cancer


Natives with this sign are home-loving, passionate, and sensitive. As a water sign, he is related to his environment mainly by means of his feelings; however, the excess of sensitiveness causes big problems, and continuous fights that lead them to hurt others subtly. They have a spontaneous need for great emotions that make them enjoy strong passions. Mars in this sign offers great energy that is used n increasing well-being and comfort, thanks to hard work. This person is somewhat bossy; he rules events at home. They are also kind of unstable and get annoyed easily. It is hard for him to fight for his own interests; he admires people who push forward to achieve their goals. His mood sometimes can be an obstacle to his imagination and motivation. Deep inside, they worry about their security, though he can display an enormous courage when it is about protecting those he loves. He wishes to be accompanied by a quiet, affectionate, and romantic person, who shares his days with him.

Mars in the House VIII


The eighth house is that of inheritance or legacy, insurances, death, dreams, transformations, regeneration and degeneration, spouses or partners’ finances, strong sexual impulses, one’s attitude towards the other world, the way to meditate. It symbolizes the values of a married couple or those of a partnership, as well as the capacity of sharing. Resources are created and used for the common well-being. It also has to do with inheritance, transformations, and virulent illnesses.Mars in its natural house provides with a dynamic, vital, and ardent sexual life. This is a passionate person who expresses deep emotions. He shows an excessive tendency to honesty; he strongly disapproves of trifles. On the contrary, he feels attracted by mysterious, enigmatic, and hidden issues.

Mars Trine Uranus


It is associated with abilities and skills for mechanical and electrical inventions. This is a very advantageous position for pilots and astronauts. It describes a completely revolutionary attitude. This person is impatient and unusual. It is associated with serenity, resolution, originality, spiritual heroism, and an extraordinary personal magnetism. He is greatly talented to develop hypnosis activities, persuasion, magnetism, magic, and sexual alchemy. This person is addressed to freedom; authority is seen as a restriction or a threatening to his or her nature. Besides, this person could become a hero for those with little spiritual, economic, moral, or physical resources, or those who are very shy or too weak to defend themselves. Any sort of limitation takes out that part of his or her personality that dissociates him, and he devotes all his energies to fight for his behavior against a supposed attack.

Mars Square Pluto

If the person does not get what he or she wants, he may lose his or her temper. This is a typical thing of those people, who do everything to reach their goals, and when they get it, at last, they find out that it was not all they wanted; they realize it was only to prove themselves. There is a lot of positive disposition and ambitions. If he gets frustrated he can be passionate, unfair, or difficult. He tends to start several times again, though he hates changes. He has a sense of life transcendence. Regarding personal relationships, this person is the one who provokes others, which can make the right people stay away. Sex is very important and may be a method to accomplish objectives.

Jupiter – The guide to a superior knowledge

It is the fifth planet of the solar system. It is one of the so-called external or gaseous planets. It is the brightest planet during the whole year. It is also the biggest planet of the solar system, with a mass 310 times greater than that of the Earth, and 11 times longer in diameter. Jupiter is a mass gaseous body, mainly composed of hydrogen and helium; it lacks a well defined inside surface. Some of the atmospheric facts are the Great red spot, an enormous area of high pressure located in the tropical latitudes of the south hemisphere, the disposition of clouds in stripes, and the strong movement of local winds up to 140m/s. Its atmosphere is always covered by clouds, which allow tracing the atmospheric dynamics, and show a high degree of turbulence. It is 750 million km far from the Sun. It has four satellites, which are very different one from another. First, Io, the most internal one, is a volcanic world; second, Europe, which is a frozen world. There are some speculations about the existence of liquid oceans and even the presence of life. Next, Ganimedes, which is the biggest satellite of the solar system; it is composed of an iron nucleus covered with a rocky and icy mantle. Last, Calisto, which is characterized by having the largest amount of craters produced by crashes in the whole solar system.

In Roman mythology, Jupiter is the main god. It was also known as Optimus Maximus, the best and the highest, the patron deity of the Roman Estate, in charge of laws and social order. Jupiter was depicted as a fair and wise god, but he had a great temper; he ruled over the earth and the sky. One of his faults was his promiscuity. He changes his physical appearance, in order to carry out his conquests, in animals such as swans, bulls, or birds, because he could not be seen in all his glory. In Greek mythology, he was Zeus, the ruler of the Olympians, governor of the Mount Olympus, and god of the sky and thunder. Some of its attributes are the thunder, the lightning, the scepter, and the eagle. He was the son of Crono and Rea; he was among the youngest brothers of Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon. He was married to Hera, but some sources suggest that his true wife was Dione.

Astrologically, Jupiter is (along with Saturn) one out of the two planets called “social planets,” because it symbolizes our expansion in the outer world, and also our acceptance. It is associated with growth, in all senses: the urge for learning and knowing more, getting further and owning more. “More” is Jupiter’s key word, but it can be understood in two paradoxical meanings. One is optimistic: progressing, developing, cultivating, expanding one’s horizons as well as others’, getting ready for the future, and opening to new opportunities of the world. The other, pessimistic: growing beyond limits, wishing always more without giving value to what has been achieved, trying to be better than others having no serious knowledge, boasting about in all spheres of life.

Jupiter in Gemini


People who were born under this sign are optimistic, communicative, and full of energy. As every air sign, they live in the abstract world of ideas and thought, they are associated with fraternity. Gemini’s sense of humor deletes problems, and the permanent dialogue makes coexistence easier. They have a versatile personality; they love changes; they know how to face an attitude free of prejudices; they have a little bit youthful irresponsibility; they are lively, flexible, subtle, skilful, indulgent, comedian, naughty, mean, and unstable. They love to stare at, evaluate, and understand their surroundings by means of their abilities.Jupiter in this sign provides with great intellectual curiosity; these people are always concerned about their inner and outer growth. These people have great abilities for studies related to philosophy and education. They could be good writers if they dare to. They feel attracted by continuous learning, traveling, attending conferences and lectures, or anything that contributes with their knowledge. They enjoy long and deep talks, as well as telling about their personal experiences.

Jupiter in the House VII


The seventh house is that of enterprises, and associations and partners. It is also that of private relationships like marriage, the physical aspect of the couple, and the characteristics of the spouse. It is also associated with the relationships with society, contracts, processes, and even enemies. It describes our possibility to receive and take up what is coming closer; it symbolizes our facing with others, the way we establish contacts, and the person who are relevant along our whole life. This person depicts the kind of person that approaches us and our chances to find good relationships.Jupiter in this house provides with a perfect position for marriage or stable relationships. It shows happiness with your partner. Here the person is compassionate, prudent, and very sensitive. Besides, he promises reputation, success, and prosperity, in terms of social partnership. This is a person able to resort to many tricks to conquer the person he or she has chosen. Jupiter benefits social communication, which will help you enlarge your horizons.

Jupiter Sextil Saturn

There is ability to express good judgment. It is associated with seriousness and conscience that guarantee social improvement, though it takes some time. It also shows honesty, integrity, responsibility. These people know how to keep a secret and his or her word. It describes a superior mind. There will be numerous unexpected difficulties that they should face and overcome. After failures and setbacks, there are always obvious psychic crises, which bring about new strengths to continue fighting. In the end, he who fights for what he wants, he will achieve it.

Jupiter Opposition Neptune

He could talk about things he really does not understand and he tries to deal with matters that actually go beyond his skills. He has blind faith in people; the worst thing is that he can not see things clearly. There is always a risk to be cheated by unscrupulous people, who will not hesitate to take advantage of the person’s offering help. In order to avoid emotional disappointment; he should learn to question his lover’s purposes rather than assuming than they will fall in love sooner or later, and that all love stories have a happy ending. He should absolutely avoid dealing with irresponsible or dishonest people, witches, drugs, kinds of religious ceremonies and ways of escape in general. There is incoherence, excessive and morbid curiosities, impressiveness, exaggerated sensitiveness. There is a tendency to sexual dissolute behavior and unreal ecstasy. It is also associated with spiritual anarchy, unreal visions, and a superstitious mind. There is a tendency to be used as guinea pigs by others with mean intentions. Later, this attitude makes them not trust anything or anyone at all. He can not or he does not want to keep his word. It is better to work in groups and deal with social issues, but never take the responsibility you alone. You should not allow others to fix the price you are supposed to ask for. In these situations, you should better have someone who represents you for your income to be paid. You are far from practical in your emotional relationships; you get easily disappointed with your couples and you can even seek revenge if things go wrong. The truth is that all your dissatisfaction results from your not paying attention when meeting your couples.

Jupiter Trine Pluto

It is associated with enlightenment, or spiritual initiation. There is a tendency to saintliness: a change in life that suddenly takes the person into a reflective spiritual life. These people are happy when they go through and receive emotions, out of which they understand life stories and find much wisdom. It is also associated with ferocity, self-esteem, private exuberance, desire for freedom, and complete independence. It also talks about enthusiasm and lots of spiritual interests. Dynamism towards the environment is not always in relationship with the person’s actual possibilities. Sometimes it seems that they are better at meditation than action. There is an interest in human nature and its secrets.

Saturn – Sense of duty

Saturn is the second largest planet of the Solar System, and the only one with visible rings from the Earth. Its flat poles can be clearly seen; they result from the quick rotary motion. Its atmosphere is composed by hydrogen, some helium and methane. It is the only planet with lower density than the water. Near Saturn’s equator, the wind blows at about 500 km/h. The rings provide him with such a beautiful image. Two of them, A and B, are shiny; there is another one, C, which is lighter. There are breaches between them. The largest is the Hole of Cassini. Every main ring is made up of many narrow rings. Its composition is doubtful, but we know there is water in them. They could be icebergs or snow balls mixed with dust. Saturn, son of Urano, had gotten his father out of the Throne of Eternity. His father, Urano, predicted that he would be removed from his position by his own son. To avoid this, Saturn used to devour his sons when they were born. The sixth of them, Jupiter (Zeus), would be saved by Rea, his mother, who replaces him with a stone. Once he grew older, Zeus attacked his father surprisingly, kicking him so hard in the stomach that caused him to throw up the stone he had swallowed long before, and also the five devoured deities: Demeter, Hades, Hestia, Hera, and Poseidon. Thanks to this attitude, he was declared leader of the immortal gods. In Greek mythology, Krono or Kronos, he was considered as a harvest deity, supervisor of crops such as wheat. It governs nature, agriculture, and the passage of time related with human beings in general.

Astrologically, Saturn is associated with the principles of responsibility, restrictions, inflexibility, time, limitations, experience after years, anguish, and melancholy. It represents stillness, and conservative attitudes. It disapproves of change. It is called the master planet. It is in charge of paving the way for austerity, so it makes restrictions. It always rewards, but after great and large effort. That is why, after difficult barriers, we should ask ourselves about its cause, and take some advantage of it. It presides over the skeletal system, skin, joints- mainly knees, ligaments, tendons, and cartilages.

Saturn also governs ambition, self-perseverance, longevity, slowness, reflection, patience, wisdom, prudence, maturity, resistance, perseverance, mind concentration, duty, stability, integration, and caution. It concerns a person sense of duty, discipline and responsibility. It is the symbol of lonely people. Saturn causes fear towards failure.

Saturn is associated as well with the past, tradition, father, authority, or any principles of limitations and education. The position of this planet in the astrological chart shows us when we have to sort out old problems, and overcome inhibitions and fears coming from the past.

Saturn in Leo


Leo is helpful, attentive, and romantic. His curiosity is never enough; he is full of surprises. Natives with this sign always need to feel they are true winners in everything they undertake, and they never get upset if they do not accomplish a task. It is a fire sign. It is associated with energy and optimism. The beaming, ardent, and expressive fire is especially devoted to discover and develop future possibilities. It gives us the required energy to carry out daily actions.Saturn in this sign shows a person that is used to play roles of great authority or responsibility, trust or honor. He strongly desires power. He pretends to be a cold and calculating person, but it is hard for him to be kind. He is kind of introverted; he lacks self-confidence, so it is difficult for him to listen to his heart. He hides or conceals his feelings. It is such a challenge for him to show his emotions because he fears to be disappointed. He always wants to say the last word and control everything. Likewise, it is hard for him to accept his own barriers or weaknesses.

Saturn in the House IX


The ninth house is that of ideals, spirituality, superior studies, abstract or speculating mind, religion, spiritual guides, law, philosophy, conscience, long journeys, the foreign country, imports and exports, brothers and sisters in law. It associates the natural knowledge with personal experiences that results in a general vision and an order in life.Saturn in this house depicts a reserved, prudent, and objective person. Since he was a little kid, he feels attracted by life deep knowledge. He exerts great control over his body and mind; he is fascinated with subjects such as philosophy, theology, and metaphysics. He also likes to travel, meeting different cultures and traditions. He is not interested in irrelevances, so he can expose himself to all kind of restrictions.

Saturno Trine Neptune


It will be difficult to deceive these people for a long time, because they have a good nose for lies. They are good at occult science, great magic, spirituality and mysticism. It has to do with dreams that come true. People break with materialistic ties; they have a spiritual, neutral, inspired, and foresighted temper, which is also gifted with a deep moral system and great kindness. He owns himself and he is capable of doing great things. It describes journeys through the sea, confusions with the environment that the person does not understand, and bone system liable to disorders. He knows to improvise but he does not like it, due to the fact that it increases the range of making mistakes. In romance, he is also lovingly realistic and objective.

Saturno Square Ascendant


It describes someone who may be somewhat shy in his social performance. Some people may even feel they are indifferent to this person. He is also conservative and self- disciplined. He does not like competence because he is always doubtful about his professionalism; this lack of confidence in his abilities will eventually turn out to be self-assurance while he learns more about himself. He is also perfectionist and really demanding. He does not own that aggressiveness that impresses people at first sight; he would rather inspire with confidence, and people learn to depend on him. Others can see his qualities even before him. He is also naturally introspected; he prefers to be back in public. He is also slow to start something, but once he makes it, nothing or nobody will stop him from a steady, firm, and efficient effort. He will stick to a plan previously and carefully designed by him. He needs the acknowledgement of all his efforts, not those of the public, but favorite people. He takes his time to make decisions. He is responsible to the greatest extent. He is capable of making everything at all to keep his word. There may be people who take advantage of him, because he is not the sort of person who fights for his rights, but he will never forget these events; he would rather wait until they need his help, though he is not revengeful, he will react in a cold and indifferent way.

Uranus – The emancipation process

Uranus is the seventh Sun’s planet and the third largest one of the Solar System. It was discovered by William Herschel en 1781. It is 51 800 km long is diameter, and it orbits the Sun in 84.01 years. On the average, it is 2870 million km far from the Sun. its day lasts 17 hours and 14 minutes. Besides, it has at least 15 moons. The two biggest ones, Titania and Oberon, were discovered by William Herschel in 1787. The winds blow in the direction of the planet’s rotation, at a speed from about 40 to 160 m/s. Uranus is characterized for its bent position to one side. This unusual position can result from crashes against a planetary body in the beginnings of the Solar System.

In Greek mythology, Uranus was the personification of the heaven as the original masculine element. Legend has it that Uranus was deposed by his son Crono (Saturn) who castrated him, dividing his genitals with a sickle. Uranus’s genitals later made the sea fertile, causing Aphrodite to come out of its foam.

Astrologically, Uranus is associated with the principles of independence, new and unconventional ideas that go beyond family and social rules needed to become a real human being, setting aside traditional perceptions and structures. It is also understood as the urge to be different from others, as a unique and without equal being. It is associated as well with the principles of truth, justice, freedom, fraternity, and equality, as well as humanitarian or progressive ideals that clash with which is already established. Uranus takes 84 years to orbit the Zodiac, spending about 7 years in each sign. So, its position in its sign shows generation qualities.

Uranus in Scorpio



People who were born under Scorpio are spontaneous, passionate, extremely touchy, intuitive, and they focus all his efforts in whatever they plan ahead. Generally, people are afraid of them because they can find others’ weaknesses, so they know when and how they should reveal it. On the other hand, they tend to be somewhat negative and depressed when thing go wrong. Possessive as they are, they can’t stand betrayal; they usually rival for taking the lead of the situation. Likewise, they are ardent, passionate, and tender; but they are disturbed by their emotional insecurity, because they are extremely jealous. They risk everything for those they love. This is a water element; it is ruled by Mars and Pluto. It has an extraordinary supply of energies, which can appear unexpectedly. As a water element, they are related to others by means of their feelings.Uranus depicts people who love life intensely and work nonstop to protect the environment. These people give everything in their relationship, so they expect the same or more from others.

Uranus in the House XII


The twelfth house is that of tests and limitations, hidden life, secrets, sacrifices, exile, lack of freedom, quits, practices or hidden jobs, mystic life, delinquency, vices, chronic disease, hospitalization, and the unconscious. It represents the end of an evolution period. In this house, it is closed down the ego and the sense of individuality, which are based in materialistic and false foundations. On the contrary, it is in favor of feelings of communion and spiritual community. It represents loneliness, sacrifice, empathy, and mystic inspiration.Uranus in this house depicts a person with a strong desire for freedom and independence. He is certainly attracted by mysterious or weirs subjects. He tends to consider things carefully; he is fascinated with matters that take him to the spiritual side. This person needs some time on his own to think, consider, and organize transformations, a new goal, or a life project.

Neptune – The cosmic conscience

Neptune is the most external of all gaseous giants. It is 49 500 km in diameter (30 760 miles). If Neptune were empty, it would comprise 60 Earths. Neptune takes 165 years to orbit the sun, spending approximately 14 years (13.75) in each sign of the zodiac. It has eight moons; six of them were discovered by the Voyager spaceship. Its day lasts 16 hours and 6.7 minutes. Neptune was found on September 23rd, 1846, by Johann Gottfried Galle, from Berlin Observatory, and Louis d’Arrest, a student of astronomy, thanks to math predictions carried out by Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier. The two thirds inside area of the planet are composed of a mixture of molten rock, water, as well as liquid ammoniac and methane. The outside third is a mixture of hot gases composed of hydrogen, helium, water, and methane. Methane provides Neptune’s clouds its peculiar blue color. It is a dynamic planet with several big dark spots that reminds us of Jupiter windy storms. The biggest spot, known as The Great Dark Spot, is as big as the Earth, and similar to Jupiter’s Great Red Spot. Voyager spaceship found a small and irregular cloud, moving towards east that takes Neptune about 16 hours.

In Roman mythology Neptune was the god of the sea. It is associated with the Greek god Poseidon, god of the sea and earthquakes. Neptune was Jupiter and Pluto’s brother. After his father Saturn’s defeat, the three brothers divided the world into four elements: sky, sea, earth, and the underworld. Neptune kept the sea; Jupiter, the sky; Pluto, the underworld; and the three of them would rule the earth, though Jupiter had the last word.

Neptune was famous for his bad temper. Tides and earthquakes show his anger. He was depicted as a bearded man holding a trident, sitting in a winkle thrown by sea horses. One day Neptune saw a nymph, Anfitrite, who was dancing in Naxox Island, and he fell in love with her. He soon asked her to marry him, but she refused. However, Neptune did not give up and sent for her with his servant Dolphin, who persuaded her to marry the god. As a reward, Neptune took the dolphin image and placed it in the sky to create a new constellation called Dolphin. Neptune and Anfitrite had several sons. One of them was Triton, whose name was used to call Neptune’s main satellite.

Astrologically, Neptune is associated with imagination, intuition, and inspiration, as well as all impressions coming from the spiritual world, and the emotions we perceive from it according to one’s harmony. The position of Neptune in the astrological chart will tell us about a person’s intuitive perception, the kind of dreams he has, and the risk to get deep involved in a fantastic or unreal world.

Neptune is associated with sensitiveness, humanity, unconscious sympathy, imagination, and idealism. The negative side can express itself with an attitude that runs away and looks for shelter in an imaginary world.

Due to the fact that Neptune stays for 14 years in the same sign, individual interpretation focuses in the house that it dwells in, and the aspects that make up with other planets. So, its position in each sign shows generation qualities. Neptune is naturally compatible with Pisces.

Neptune in Sagittarius


People who were born under Sagittarius are very enthusiastic, well-organized, sociable, and cautious. They have lots of friends, but they need their own independence. For them, love should not be an obstacle for their freedom. They are fun, passionate, kind, and open-minded. However, they are liable to be roughly honest and supporter of the truth. Sagittarius is a fire sign, so it embraces great energy; it strongly desires to work and progress.Neptune shows really intellectual people; they are diligent, curious, and research-lovers. They are wise and philosophers in our times, as well as idealistic by their principles. They love traveling, exploiting, and sharing all they have learned.

Neptune in the House I


The first house represents the way the person behaves towards others; one’s physical appearance; one’s personality; the way one approaches life; one’s childhood; and one’s survival instinct. As we get to know this house, we will be able to deal with our tendencies. Neptune in this house show intuitive and sensitive people, with strong idealistic and spiritual tendencies. He has a vivid imagination; he is also very sharp and affectionate. His image of reality can serve as a real source of inspiration for others unable to appreciate it as easy as he does.

Neptune Sextil Pluto


It describes social renewal, freedom, independence, equality among fellows, and the desire of human miseries’ abolition. It describes as well and active and positive revolutionary mind. It is associated with willingness of power and, at the same time, desire to accomplish it by means of strange, remote, or future methods. One’s dream and subconscious are joined for one equal purpose; there is a steady effort towards the same direction. It is also associated with mental and sometimes physical hanging around, diseases related to metabolism or pandemics, sensitiveness or allergies to drugs, necessary drugs or vitamins dependence. They belong to real or virtual groups that take care of the nature and humankind. Mainly, religion will be revised by these generations, which will be at the service of daily life for all humankind.

Pluto – the inevitable transformation

It is the smallest planet and the farthest from the Sun. it was discovered in 1930, but it is so distant that we have little information about it so far. It is the only one that has not been visited by any earth spaceship yet. Generally, Pluto is the farthest planet, but its orbit is very eccentric, and 20 out of the 249 years that it takes to orbit the Sun, it is closer to it than Neptune. It reached the closest point on September, 1989; it continued in Neptune’s orbit until March, 1999. Now, it is getting far and it will not cross this orbit again until September, 2226. Pluto has a very special satellite: Charon. It is 1772 km in diameter and it is less than 20 000 km far from the planet. With the passage of time, gravity has reduced its rotation movements, and now it always presents the same side.

In mythology, it was the god of the dead, son of Kronos and Rea, Zeus and Poseidon’s brother. He got the power of the underworld, after his brothers split the universe, after defeating their father. He received the worst part for being the youngest of the family. There, he lived wildly and ruthlessly, together with Persefone, who was kidnapped from the upper world, as a unique way out of Hades to put an end to her celibacy. Contrary to what seems to be logical, because there was nothing that calmed him down, he was not too malign. In Roman mythology, Pluto, was more benevolent, because he was considered as the world wealth supporter.

Astrologically, it represents the subconscious, sudden changes, loses, regeneration, and transformation. It produces inner transformation that encourages moving on and getting rid of all procedures, to make room for new ones. It is the planet of deep changes, individual transformation at the psychological level, which starts taking place from deep inside us to outside. Pluto takes more than 248 years to orbit the sun, spending on average approximately 21 years (20.6) in each sign of the zodiac, which makes its position, according to the sign it dwells in, have no individual meaning. Its qualities are rather generational; and its sole house position, and its aspect between personal planets, show individual influences. Pluto, along with Mars, rules Scorpio.

Pluto in Libra



People who were born under this sign are very sociable; they enjoy amusing gatherings with friends. They are talkative; they like to hold long conversations and get to know well those nearby. They are enemies of conflicts; they are rather good go-betweens. Naturally tactful and tolerant people, they will do everything to avoid disagreement. Thanks to their reason, common sense, and patience, they accomplish all they set out. This sign is ruled by Venus, and it belongs to the air element. These signs live within the abstract world f ideas and thoughts, which-from their point of view- are as real as any physical object. They feel they need to pass on experiences; as well examine and understand their surroundings logically.It reveals huge changes in the field of justice, laws, human relationships, and associations. They are passionate, intense, and harmonious people. This generation found out that dialogue and agreement are more practical than conflict. These people went through deep changes in personal relationships, which provide them with such internal brightness. The joint with another person succeeds in being intense and deep.

Pluto in the House XI


The eleventh house is that of friends and acquaintances, clubs, fraternity, daily superficial contacts, others’ empathy towards us, protection, hopes, plans and projects, and economic profits that result from one’s job or work. It shows our desire to acquire certain identity or position by means of belonging to a group. We start to have contact with others to share ideas and set new common objectives, which are mostly addressed to improve today social conditions. It symbolizes group experiences, humanitarian ideas and visions focused on the progress of the society we live in.Pluto in this house reveals absolutely different changes related with friendship. There is an excessively close relationship with friends that may be harmful; it also shows a friend who has a very strong and bossy personality. On the contrary, this planet provides with a she/he friend who has serious and true feelings that withstand the passage of time, and together, they go through different stages, problems, and transformations. This person should consider the way he carries out his objectives. There is a peculiar and new orientation as it refers to his goals, his tradition, and the role he must play to achieve them.

Final Words

The natal chart is a large and detailed document that discovers the most important spheres of our life. It gives us hints of our personality and our destiny too. The repetition of the same psychological factor or the kind of destiny at different stages of the interpretation is a certain clue that such factor will develop greatly in life. On the contrary, if there is a contradiction, it is a sign of duality. On the one hand, some planetary energies show something; on the other hand, others show contrary tendencies. The answer to this conflict (common in many natal charts) will be determined by our own psychological and spiritual evolution, or in other words, our maturity reaching in life, because we are sometimes to choose among different choices, and while many people spend their lives hesitating, others are quite sure about the right choice to select. Finally, it has to be acknowledged that in spite of astrological influxes distinguished in the natal chart interpretation, there is always a very important factor: the power of man’s will, who can find the right way with his own effort, and mend limitations and difficulties that are appointed by the stellar aspects, in a great extent. “Stars dispose, but they do not force,” says an ancient astrological aphorism. There is another that says, “The wise rules stars; the foolish obeys them”. I hope everything we have introduced in this Natal Chart benefits you and serves you right along your lifetime. It has been developed with such intention.

I hope you like it.


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