IN the beginning…

… there was light. The universe is comprised of light and darkness. Light is comprised of a holy trinity. Light has three primary components (Blue, Green and Red). These colors cannot be created by other colors and all other colors come from them. Red is the color of old stars while blue is the color of younger stars. The affects of red light create an opposite affect than that of blue light to humans. Red is the stimulant, passionate, agression, action, attention. Blue is loyal, slow, colder, calm, intuition, communicative (ask yourself how do you feel when you see each color).  Green light is the balancing force of the two. Green is peace, relaxed, harmony, life, growth.Is it any coincidence that Republicans are represented by red, Democrats by blue and now we have a “Green” Party? When all three primary light spectrums join creates white light. White light is consciousness. (good morning) . Our sun projects white light White light contains the ability to be divided into any number of different colors we can see and cannot. Light travels in waves. I wonder if you could hear light how would it sound. Everything we see is merely light waves being intercepted by our eyes and being interpreted by our mind. All everything we see is energy.

8 thoughts on “IN the beginning…

  1. Andy, I wwant to clarify my comment. On reference to the lungs, what I believe I said (or meant to if I wasn’t clear) was, individually we cannot see our lungs w/out special devices yet we know we have them. Let me put it in a different context. People have never seen love, but know it exits. We’be studied it, felt it, even tried to perfect it, but never actually seen it. You love people, things, because of how you associate the feeling w/ the understanding. Same as stress, depression.
    I would dare say people want relationship with what they feel and or love, like, attracted to or intriged by. To me that is ‘having a relationship with’. I love my family, I’m committed to them. I don’t always like things, and its not always great, but they bring me joy, and a sense of peace. I would dare to say, I believe in them and have faith in them. Don’t know what the outcome will be, but I know I have faith in my family. Why, because of love. Something I’be never seen with my naked eye.
    I chose to have that same compassion for God. The same principles I’ve said here about my family, I apply towards my RELATIONSHIP with Jesus.
    It comes down to choice for me. Can’t speak, won’t speak for others.


  2. Andy you are going buck wild on the post bro lol. I get notified every time you press “send” smh. lets try to consolidate this to one paragraph kay? and ummm did ya’ll jump from one topic and carry the same conversation to a different post? ya’ll are break blog rules . smh. other readers dont know what yall are talking about


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