Why Do You Love Me?

In the spirit of Valentines I would like to present love as my topic. As broad as that may seem, I think we have all been in the position where we told someone those three words “I love you.” Those three words express so much and yet as we become adults it becomes harder to receive. A few times I have been presented with the rebuttal “Why do you love me?” “How do you know?” so I would like to present a rational argument to those who may said this or had it used on them.

At what point in our adult lives does love become something questionable? Yes, I’m sure that we’ve all had our share of hurt and heartbreak by those who love us or claim love but yet… why does love have to be in itself questionable? Question the person’s character not their love. When our child says he/she loves us, do we ask them why? What if someone questioned your love for you pet?

“Oh I just love my cat, Mittens!”  “How do you know it’s love? Perhaps you’re just infatuated.” 

Throughout our daily lives we love so many things without question; mostly objects (music, tv shows, food, cars, pets, outfits) and we are so sure of that love. But when it comes to each other–when it comes to other people who can reflect that love back  to us, when it comes to a person who’s matching love can create something new in us, we question its very validity.

True, some people we love hurt us. Some people we love can’t love us back. Some people who love us end up leaving but does that in anyway nullify their love? Is that reason enough to question love?  Love is about being spiritually and emotionally naked with someone to the point where you can feel them in your being.  When that happens, why is it taboo to express and communicate that? The how’s and the why’s are as intangible as the love itself.  Love just is.

Love is something that should be shared and not kept to yourself.  There is a creative, life transforming energy that is formed when love is given and reciprocated. I have never regretted telling someone I love them. But I have regretted not telling.

Love is without reason. There is absolutely nothing rational or reasonable about love. lol. In fact, it’s safe to say… if someone needs a reason to love you, they don’t love you. Live with reason, but love without it.

One thought on “Why Do You Love Me?

  1. I am one who believes that love isn’t a quick and rushed emotion. So, love at first sight is less likely love and more likely lust or infatuation. But over time, as you’ve gotten to know one another, spent considerable amounts of time together, and shared unconditionally – meaning you’ve taking off the mask (“BEING SPIRITUALLY AND EMOTIONALL NAKED” like you articulated) and are comfortable being yourself without all that guarded protection – then I think it’s THEN that the emotion of love takes over. I know of people who believe in that instant love, but I don’t buy into that. Love really does have to grow and evolve over time and if it it’s instant, then I argue that it’s something other than love.


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