Gays and Left handed People

Gay people are like being left handed in a right handed world.. and bisexual are the ambidexterous people who can use both hands. Just because you have the ability to use both doesnt mean you do, you always have one that you prefer… you just can if well… there are no other options .

Left handed people were once persecuted .. not as much as gays persay but enough to the point  where children were reprimanded from using their left hand even if it were natural for them. They had to exist in a right handed world.

It goes to say that even though left handed people learned to use their right …it never feels natural for them. How can a right handed person expect to understand that ?  It simply how your brain is wired. People are different.

Why wouldn’t sexuality be any different? Our sexuality is developed by hormones and glands in our brain not just our genitals. The intolerance some heterosexuals have for the LGBT community is like all right handed people gathering to pass laws to force left handed people to assimilate because the majority of people are that way.

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