What Does God(s) Look Like?

After studying some different myths and legends about the gods or even the biblical god I find that there are some recurrent themes when it comes to look that I find interesting when it comes to how these beings appear. We’ve all read this particular scripture at least once

REVELATION 1:14 His head and His hair were white like white wool, like snow; 

in regards to the returning Christ. Then I found other stories about the children of the “gods” being laden with white hair. Noah is described in the book of Enoch as being born unusually different as well…

Enoch [the book of Noah]Ch106 -1. And after some days my son Methuselah took a wife for his son Lamech, and she became pregnant by him and bore a son. 2. And his body was white as snow and red as the blooming of a rose, and the hair of his head †and his long locks were white as wool, and his eyes beautiful†. And when he opened his eyes, he lighted up the whole house like the sun, and the whole house was very bright. 

Notice it says she became pregnant. Lamech later on wasn’t the boy was his and thought his wife had a child by the angels (which had happened before in their day) but was told by God that the boy was his so he raised him… (hmm sounds like the Joseph/ Mary ordeal huh) .  The Sumerian version [a much older version ] is somewhat the same but instead reveals the patronage as one of the elder gods.

Matushal’s first born son was Lumach, 
Lumach marries Batanash, a daughter of Matushal’s brother. 
Lumach’s wife Batanash had a son, 
Ziusudra (fathered by Enki) 
White as the snow his skin was, the color of wool was his hair, 
Like the skies were his eyes, in a brilliance were his eyes shining.(blue or albino) 
(description at birth similar to jesus but will be the one to build the ark and be saved with his family from the Deluge (flood of Noah) 

All these stories make reference to their whiteness because the majority of ancient people were brown skinned with dark hair and brown eyes (a dominant gene in humanity) .  To this day in some African countries Albino people flee for their lives because people murder them to steal their blood or body parts to make “magic” spells. Where did they ever get the notion that Albinos were magical? Someone or something had to give them purpose to believe that.

Now lets move on to Buddha.. I know. You’re thinking that Buddha is fat and bald but in actuality that is just an image of just one of the “famous” buddhas. There is a story of a buddha that had white hair as well.

Legend says the historical Buddha had one strand of white hair (which curled to the right) in the center of his forehead, from which emitted rays of light” -www.spiritualsupport.net/admin/pdf/buddhism.pdf

okay…its just one strand but its still white. lol.

so let’s move on through time……

In Europe… a white wig (no matter how old you were) was seen a sign of nobility. Both men and women would wear them and powder their faces even more white than they already were . They still traditionally practice this in their government in England.  Since stories of white hair predate Europe we can’t say that Europeans are simple “white washing” society .

But I can see where “white privilage” attitudes have been built through society. It beyond being just Caucasian, however, it borders on Albinism and that transcends all races and cultures randomly.

In today’s media, the neighbors of the Flintstones, (Betty and Barney Rubble) adopt a mysterious child (Bam-Bam). He has white hair and incredible super human strength. Another cartoon, He-man has the Sorceress who has …white hair.  In Hell boy II, Hell boy has to fight off the ancient “Elders” who used to rule the planet … and just guess what they look like …

Perhaps its just coincidence. Perhaps humanity has a fascination with white hair. No matter if you believe in gods, alien beings, or a time where Albino people ruled the world you can’t deny the parallels between white haired patriarchs that watch over people whether it be Zeus….

or Yahweh…

Santa Clause..

or Superman’s dead father who speaks to him from the other world to even that architect guy on the matrix. Tell me what do you think of all this?  What do you make of it…if you do at all?

Can you think of any other  white haired legends? Let me know…

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