Life is a Dance Floor

Life is like this big dance floor. The music may change but you have to stay on beat. The dance floor is a literal metaphor on we as people interact in life, love and social connections. You want keep to the rhythm so you don’t look like a fool. Some people are pros…dancing with the stars and quick stepping their way around every obstacle. Then there are others who choose to never even touch the dance floor…idling sitting by, spectating…wanting to dance, waiting to for their favorite song, waiting for someone to ask them, waiting for some more people to get on the dance floor…just waiting. Me? Sometimes I rather dance alone and I can dance to any song with a beat…I change it up.Not formerly trained but I’ve learned small bits from people who are. I find there are  few a people who may want to dance with me but never approach. Some approach and can’t stay on beat…some I dance with and I have to slow down so much that I’m no longer focused on the song and I lose beat. Some dance with me and try to lead when I’m leading (which only makes them look weird) . When I can’t find a good partner I just wait till the song changes beat and I just electric slide my way right out their grip. But every now and then…every now and then… I find that perfect dance partner out of no where who feels the song like I do…who can shake it, drop it low, wind and grind and not miss a beat. There’s that moment when you you’re the only two on the dance floor.

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