America is crazy this week

Things on my mind today…hmmmm if Texas secedes, I need to move…these racist rednecks aren’t known for being “equal and fair” when it comes to blacks or gays… Shit…how long did it take for Texas to recognize the slaves were even free? Ugh…

In other news the rich business owners are punishing the consumers because of obamacare.Businesses like Dennys and Papa Johns are adding extra to their prices because they claim they can’t afford to pay their min wage workers healthcare benefits.

Dear Dennys you already don’t pay your workers shit.. Stop making people hate rich people. I for one love Oprah. Okay that was random. Have a good day peeps. Out.


4 thoughts on “America is crazy this week

  1. The only place that can make a good argument for seceding is Washington, DC, since Congress won’t make it a state anyhow. But they aren’t one of the places proposing to secede. Its seemingly coming from all the red states. No surprise there. We’re called the United States of America for a reason, and these folks supporting this movement need to settle down. It’s all so ridiculous.


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