IM such a rebel !


Yeah beeyoches! I live on the wild side woooo…I didn’t have anything to do so I took a stroll through my neighborhood .. I was slightly disgruntled because it seems when I have nothing to do nothing is going on.. and when I’m at work everyone is inviting me to shit and wondering why I can’t come out. “I WORK ON THE WEEKEND” 

So.. yeah. I just take this as a sign to just rest up. I got a boyfriend now. Yay me! But he’s out of town for the holidays visiting family. We haven’t dated long enough yet to be meeting the folks… yet. But it will come. All in all, being in a relationship helps keep me thinking about someone OTHER than me …which is good..right? WHATEVER, I’m not that self absorbed .  He’s a good guy though, the kinda guy I wanna be.. and you should always surround yourself around people that bring you higher in life.  (and the sex aint too bad either) #bam! 😛

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