4 thoughts on ““Black church corruption”

  1. See, this is why I like you. I appreciate your authenticity. I am glad you are saying what is on your mind. I really do want to become a conversation partner with you, especially on “the Black Church.” Our views are so different and you can help me to broaden my perspective. Now to the issue at hand…

    I am somewhat disappointed and offended that these statements are made against the Black Church as if the Black Church is the only one committing such heinous crimes. Let’s be for real, we see everything that was mentioned in every kind of church. It’s not just the Black church that has to deal with this, it’s every church.

    You asked the question, “How can anything good come out of it?” If the premise is that good cannot come from something which has an evil past or origin, then we all should check our heritage. I am sure that we will find some evil in our family line, yet we would like to think that we turned out OK, right? The church is made up of individuals; individuals have the power to change the trajectory.

    Trust me, I see the ills of the Church, yet there are some things that the church has given to me in its imperfect, backslidden, ungodly state that I cannot deny. My relationship with God was started because of the Church. To me, that’s the greatest good I can imagine. I am glad that I was able to divorce my relationship with God from my relationship with the Church.

    But what are we really talking about when we say “the Black Church.” Are we talking about the leadership? Are we talking about the membership? The Black Church is an institution that runs because of the people within it. We should never underestimate our power to effect change. The Black Church or any church is the way it is because the people allow it to be that way.

    OK. I love the church. I love the Black Church. I don’t love it because of its problems (which are many). I love it because of its potential. There, I said it. Now you know where I stand.


    1. Loving it for its potential is about all you can do. I see the potential in bringing the community together weekly/bi-weekly for moral/spiritual support …people need that. People NEED community. So in respect to the gathering or the congregating of like minds I have nothing but respect. If people gather together with like minds change can be effective. I think my quams is that people don’t do that… they focus way to much on what makes them different from that church..or why my pastor is better than “such and such” I lived through it and saw it. I think people will gather with like minds regardless of church or religion and find some type of spiritual epiphany in those gatherings if they allow themselves. Of course church encourages such experiences.. i just question whether those experiences are truly spiritual or just plain “emotional” (refer to my previous blog spiritual vs emotional experience) who am I to judge? I can only discern my own personal experience with Source (ie..God) and see if its truth or not. Most of what I see in the outside world is basic cultural community gatherings or ritualistic ceremony to make one “feel” … as i know feelings do play into spiritual vibration… it is not the kit and kaboodle.



      1. I can certainly understand what you’re talking about. In fact, I am going to make a bold statement at which most preachers would cringe. I believe that church is no different than any other community based organization. It’s difference lies only in its purpose. That purpose should be to have a collective encounter with God, to serve God’s people and to help others do the same. To me that purpose is the only thing that sets the church apart from any other organization.

        But, dude, it IS an organization made up of humans. No matter how holy the church is, it is still subject to the error and evils of human agency. Man, the “my church is better than your church” goes way back to the bible days. As a preacher, however, I want to think that I counter such ideas as Paul did. Who are we? Are we any better than, say, the traditional church? No. WE are THE CHURCH, in all of its glories and its failures. There are things about my life and being of which I am not too particularly proud. But I am glad that God can still use me with all my flaws to help someone make it through this life. That’s how I see the church.

        (Dude, I’m a preacher, so that means I’m long winded. I tried to cut it down for ya. LOL.)


  2. Somehow the faithful always end up paying. Recently 3000 congregationalist/investors with Rev Bill Winston lost all of their money with the failure of Covenant Bank part of Winston’s conglomerate of religious enterprises. The FDIC tried to bring the Bank’s management, policies and capital needs inline with standard safety and soundness regulations but Winston refused to allow the transformation as it would cause him to loose control. I am sure we will soon hear his teachings on “Fleecing The Flock” and “When is My Willie Slick”….along with his on episode on American Greed CNBC TV.


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