I had that dream again


…you know, the flying dream. I was walking in the night and spread my arms and the wind caught me. I kept going higher than I’ve ever been.

I kept telling myself… “don’t be afraid ” so I kept breathing and floating up. Flying for me in dreams is like swimming. I could see the city below me.it was night. I flew around a lake and crash landed in a tree. Lol

I walked home. The next morning everyone was in an uproar about the “flying man” and who he was…nobody knew. I kept quiet.  I was amazed at the news stories and how people were talking about …selling things and it was me.lol.

3 thoughts on “I had that dream again

  1. I haven’t had a dream of flying. However have u ever had a dream with a person u don’t know who is either a partner or friend. And when u wake up u miss them? Just curious


    1. Yeah Ive had dreams of memories that never happened. Sometimes there are people that im close to that ive never met but sometimes its stuff years ago…that never happened. Its really weird.



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