Birthday 2013


Okay.. so it’s the Eve of my 35th birthday!!!!  Whoa.. can you believe that? That’s like five seven year periods or hmm seven five year periods. I’m big on numerology so it has significance to me.

I’m having a party event on Friday. Starting at 6pm a housewarming gathering for my domestic friends with food and drinks then starting at 10pm my boyfriend (such a great guy) reserved VIP space for me and friends at a club around the corner. He likes to do things big so he’s gone all out. We gotta a tab open so I hope people show up (otherwise I’m drinking that tab and makin’ some new friends with some free dranks HA!).  ….THEN there’s an underwear party at another club so I’ll be heading there around errr 1am (it closes at 4am)….

And you know I like to be half naked…





OH speaking of which I just painted this with water color…


What do think? I was posting on my Google page but they suspended me because of sexual content ….sigh.  its art people …get over your issues with nudity.

Tomorrow on my actual birthday (MARCH 7th) I will just be running around getting things ready for Friday …somebody pass me a redbull…and vodka


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