Okay… Now what?


Well I had birthday a couple of weeks ago. It was great… saw a few people I haven’t seen in awhile ( friends and family) . I turned 35. Now for me…it’s a big milestone. I sat thinking where I was ten years ago to now.

My past ten years were mostly years of adding experience versus material things. In the past ten years I published my thoughts to the world through several ways and traveled.
25 to 35 was a transformation of the man I was going to be to myself and the outside world. It was my time to define what that meant to me versus 15 to 25 being told what that meant.

Now that I am 35, I contemplate where the next ten years takes me and what I desire… what’s important to me NOW.  True…I’m still young, there’s places I haven’t been and things I still don’t know. The eternal student.

I want to learn and relearn with no excuses. My desire to expand my mind seems sometimes insatiable. However what I did physically ten years ago I want to do mentally now.

You ever see that movie limitless with Bradley Cooper?  That’s what I’m talking about.(without the drug issues)  Maximizing the potential energy in self. Creating something more….

That’s what I want.

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