“hi.. so are you gay?”

“ugh no, I’m SGL.” 

“you’re what?”

“I’m same gender loving.” 


MAN get out here with that bullshit…you’re GAY! So I’ve been tripping out about BLACK folks who are on this SGL “label” versus just accepting that that they’re gay. This label was created by black folks in the 90’s who were oo in the closet to admit that they were gay decided that they didn’t want to be considered gay because it was a “european” term so they decided have something more *clearing throat” more afro-centric (because AFRICA SO LOVES THE GAYS  SGL members of society) I wonder… when is this SGL pride… so I can make sure NOT to pencil it in my schedule. 


SGL (or same gender loving) is bull…SHIT. *plop plop plop* It’s just another sub culture that wants to  divide.  “You’re gay.. and I’m not like you, I’m different.” really…cause when it all comes down to it… when somebody is discriminating against you for your sexuality, it doesn’t matter what race you are, they just see you as gay. “Oh sorry, you’re SGL? i just hate gays…nevermind.” …no I’ve never heard anyone say that. 

Bisexual, homosexual, lesbian, tran, curious…when prejudice straight folk find out you’re different …you’re lumped into that gay pot. So be gay..and be happy.   Divided we fall; which is why I still for the life of me can’t understand why the gay black community continually divides itself from the gay community at large. Yes, I know there’s racism within the gay community; but not all gays  are racist and  there’s no reason that we continually divide into these tiny subcultures to find acceptance or psychological satisfaction in meaningless acronyms . 

Homosexuality has been around since the beginning of time and it’s still here…. SGL , well that… that’s bull shit. #dropsmic 

2 thoughts on “SGL… ugh WHAT IS THIS BULLSHIT?

  1. Well that’s the first I heard of this apparently I need to get out more. I guess I have been lucky haven’t experienced to much racism in the gay community.


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