Jason Collins is gay…Who cares?

It’s a day after Jason’s big announcement and it’s pretty obvious from the trending topics that a lot of people care in one way or another.
Whether it is in support for his courage or to ridicule and to Bible thump (as usual) …people are in dialogue.

Why does it matter, who a person sleeps with is private

I’ve seen this repeated over and over. I don’t expect most heterosexuals to understand why men and women choose to expose to the world that they are gay. Heterosexuals never have to do that because we assume everyone is straight. But we still live in a world that discriminates and until that ends, those being discriminated against shouldn’t cower because of who they are.

There’s a big difference between private and secret.

It’s no secret that I have a boyfriend that I love. Now what and how we express that love….well that’s private (no sex tapes…. Unless you’re Kim kardashian )

Jason Collins is a good role model for not only young gay athletes…but young gay black men who may have been raised to hate what they are due to strong religious brainwashing socialization .

Congrats to Jason Collins… soon I hope other men will grow to be comfortable about their sexuality whether homo or hetero.

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