GOP nominee E.W. Jackson is a step back into Mental Slavery

It looks like the republicans are not trying very hard to get new supporters. Their newest nominee for Lt. governor of Virginia has called for Christians to leave the democratic party because America has turned its back on Christian morals.

Is that da bitch from the old Saturday Night Live? HA! Anyone who has Victoria Jackson’s support must be worth listening to …but I digress, he opposes federal aid for natural disasters (fuck em) , and he has equated homosexuals having marriage rights to bestiality. And to make it even worse… this black “brotha”  guy has called the 3/5ths clause which considered african-americans 3/5ths human an “anti-slavery clause”... uhhh. (this guy makes my head hurt)

Granted I’m sure he’s making all this noise for Jesus… cause Jesus would be pleased.

He is a radical Christian who would like Christianity to officially dictate all law for the country whether you’re Christian or not. And while I respect a person’s right to believe in Christianity, I don’t agree that all laws should be based on Christian beliefs and the Christian holy book no more than any other religion should be. This is a big ass country and we all have to share it, and the government should benefit all citizens christian and athiest, gay or straight, black and white… someone needs to let Rev. Jackson know that.  The WHITE HOUSE is not his church.

Here’s my latest video on the subject

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