What Will Happen to the Kidd Kraddick Show (prediction)

kidd-12For a lot of people Saturday evening brought some tragic news that Dave “Kidd” Kraddick had passed at the age of 53.  For those that don’t know he’s was a syndicated morning radio DJ and recently one of the many TV personalities of pop news on the show Dish Nation.  I grew up listening to Kidd Kraddick in the morning of KISS FM in Dallas and still my IheartRADIO app is programmed to play the Kidd Kraddick show to wake me up in the morning. Kidd was the type of guy that was always for the underdog. During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays he would do special giveaways for families in need, he was always trying to discover the next big musical talent, and he’s probably best known for Kidd’s Kids which is a major fund raiser coming up to send terminally ill children to Disneyworld (this year they’re having a benefit concert Aug 15 with Jason Derulo and the Jonas Bros at House of Blues in Dallas, TX)  I remember hearing him say if he could really do it right, he would make it a gigantic concert event. My favorite memories is when he would pretend to be the pretentious Kinsey, the California wife of JSi (another co-host on the show) . “J Si whatdaHell?”

So his death puts a large gap in the hearts of so many people across the nation because he touched so many lives. So everyone is wondering …

“What will happen to the Kidd Kraddick show now?” .

If Clear Channel is smart (the company that owns the show) they will probably play “the Best of Kidd Kraddick” for the coming week and maybe allow people to call in and say what he meant to them.  This will allow people to remember the good times. I do not believe they will be making a replacement any time soon (which would be tacky) .  Kidd Kraddick was a part of a team (Kelly Raspberry, Al, J Si, Pycho Shannon, and Jenna ) …all of which are on Dish Nation with him.  That unit should not be broken up because I believe that listeners are even MORE concerned about the future of these now that Kidd has passed.  What I predict is that slowly they will created the “Kelly and Al in the morning” show. Kelly has been around for just as long as Kidd and she has the ability to keep the wheels turning. Al is the perfect sidekick and J Si and Jenna carry their weight. There’s been many mornings when Kidd was absent and they still kept it going. If the ratings falter they “might” hire a “comedian” to add to the team but I don’t see that happening until later on. THE WORST thing Clear Channel  could do is replace the show with another syndicated show (ie. Ryan SeaCrest) and scatter the other hosts to other shows. I think Kidd Kraddick created a legacy with Kidd’s Kids and other philanthropic events and the only way to honor his memory is start a new beginning …with the same team to keep that memory going.

Kidd Kraddick is like a part of everyone’s family (they all are) and he will be terribly missed.  For more information about Kidds Kids go to http://www.kiddskids.com

5 thoughts on “What Will Happen to the Kidd Kraddick Show (prediction)

  1. I hope you are right. I would totally listen to their show. I loved Kidd, but I also loved all the other cast members of the show!


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