Two Months Until My Birthday…

ImageYep.. countdown people. And then I’ll be 36 (yikes when did that happen) . I have absolutely no clue how to celebrate this year. Last year I had an awesome party at home but it was so tiring… I didn’t get drunk until later because I was hosting and trying to make sure everyone was fed, drinking, getting to the right place, parking… it was hectic… a good hectic though. Maybe Dave and Busters, or maybe  a boat party (WOO yeah , that sounds cool) . I wanted to see Britney in Vegas but that’s too expensive and I don’t think she has any shows in March. 

Current Events on My Mind Right NOW:

What the HELL is wrong with Dennis Rodman? He a lil cray cray… Sometimes I think he just wants attention. Why is he so…ugh.. (well if you can’t say anything nice dont say anything at all Tre) He sure does wear sunglasses alot. IN OTHER NEWS… Juan Pablo on the Bachelor is soothing balm for my eyes after looking at Dennis Rodman (see what I did there… I was being nice, and still made my point) . I hope this season of The Bachelor is interesting… girls can get silly about a pretty boy with a lil fame, I can’t see how they even get so attached after six weeks of dating someone who is speed dating 25 other people. SOOOO realistic… but I like the eye candy (how long till the bachelorette?) 


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