Working on my next book…

Okay so my sister bought me a new outfit. You guys like it?

IMG_20140113_080443I’m like her dress up doll when she gets in the mood. Hey… I’m not complaining. I posted a new Youtube video this weekend so if you haven’t seen, check the youtube link on the menu above. I’ll be working on a new segment for my channel called “my Two cents” which will be a review show about resturants, bars, and movies… whatever I spend my money on during the weekend. I thought it be cool to add a new element. I want to see if people dig it. Did a little novel writing last night, Writing a book is not easy at all. You pull on so many emotions trying to relate to all the characters. In this one, I’m not only trying to tell Andrew Turner’s story but also Antonio who I feel we don’t know enough about. Antonio is a complex character though. I’ve forgotten alot of stuff so I find myself having to go back. When I get some more money I may re-edit and repackage the Ring of Death.. waaay too many typos. I was doing that book all alone though… I had no outside help and couldnt afford it. I won’t make that mistake again. I guess the older I get , the more patient I become. But I want to do this book right and make it as professional as possible. Also this year I think I will support my contemporaries.. I have some author homies, I would like to see what they are coming up with. One friend, is into vampire fiction now, His name is Rashid Darden #shoutout so check him out if you get the chance.

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