Green tea does what now? #news

I’m sipping my green tea and the news is bad mouthing my green tea. Something or other about people’s medications… you can read the story here . I really don’t want to go into . I love green tea. I think the pros outweigh the cons. So for those interested in knowing all the “magic” this little elixir can do … you can read here . I’m just full of helpful information today. In personal news, I’m jogging in the morning and trying to watch my calories because I have a desk job. They say (who ever they are) … THEY SAY that people with desk jobs should only eat 1500 calories or something like that. So I have to manage that because the boyfriend likes to cook (he expresses his love like an Greek mother) “you look hungry” “I’m not” “I’ll make you something.”

Other things on my in current events world… What do ya’ll think about the dude that shot that other dude in the movie theater for texting in Florida? Wow now that’s some crazy rage! Shooting is bit of extreme, but texting at the movie theater?! You never know people’s breaking point.



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