Slavery didn’t end… It just changed.

In the midst of the federal government attempting to raise minimum wage and Black History Month just around the corner I wanted to spotlight the idea of slavery and how our nation not only has a problem with it but continues to profit from it.slaves Some believe that slavery ended in 1865 but I would say that it hasn’t. It merely transformed and evolved from the industrial age to the corporate age and now doesn’t discriminate by race at all. The field worker has been replaced by the cubicle worker and the overseer by the manager/supervisor while way at the top a CEO rakes in large sums and attempts to keep his plantation going with as minimal cost as possible. The early slaves were given food (the scraps) and a place to live, even clothes. Slaves had their basic needs taken care of while they worked the majority of the day to produce a profit for the landowner. Think about  it .. especially if you work sales or customer service. The amount of dollars one employee generates for a company a day is hundreds more than what that employee takes home a day. That is why the focus so much on efficiency, attendance, and other numbers to measure performance. Simply put, a lot of employees now days are not getting paid their worth. They are paid just enough to take of their basic needs (food, rent, clothes) and that people… is slavery. What’s your thoughts? cubicle_533a

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