You ever have so much on your mind…


… and you just had no way to put it into words or if it was even worth putting into words because what would it really matter? Imbeginning to ask that question a lot. What matters and what does not. As I observe life and I keep asking the why and the motivation of why people do what they do and yet nothing seems to make sense. Nothing at all. I watch the world move around me and people believe whatever they want to believe to make their world happy, and every time I look up, I find some bit of information that shows how false the world is. It’s all an illusion. I don’t want to make assumptions of who’s wrong and who’s right… it is what it is.

4 thoughts on “You ever have so much on your mind…

  1. I hear you. For me, throughout my life I focused on a single truth. There has to be something bigger than me. From coming to Christ to seeking the answers elsewhere (because my childhood church’s theology did not line up with my personal experiences) towards Islam, and later Wiccan, moving to a holistic movement, on to Buddhism, and several others until I stopped long enough to listen to my heart and recommitted to Christ, which does not always mean the four wall church.

    Information and the pursuit of answers is two-fold, because everyone has an opinion and sadly sometimes, it’s not even their own opinion they purport as truth. One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is to test every viewpoint I encounter against what I know to be true about my Creator. Here are just a few of the questions I pose to myself when determining if the information will be applied to my life:

    1) Can it be reconciled with who I am?
    2) Can it be reconciled with God’s true character? (Creator, Spiritual Higher Power, Supreme Being, etc.)
    3) Will it bring life or death?
    4) What is the source? And, is it a trusted source?
    5) Logistically speaking, what value does it add to my life?

    This is just how I navigate in a world where blindness abounds.


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