Black History and the Black Greeks

Okay so when I say Black Greeks you probably first think of your Black Greek Letter Organizations like Alpha Phi Alpha (shoutout) or something right?

Actually today I want to spotlight something that I found online that’s a little different that most people don’t know about. Frankly when I saw the videos it made me think and they are quite deep so take your time with them all. The following videos discuss that the original people of Greece were in fact Moors (ie… black people of African Decent) until they were conquered and assimilated by Alexander the Great (you know the story)… History was then changed to make it appear that all the accomplishments of the Greeks (who borrowed alot from the Egyptians) were because they were Caucasian. These videos are mind opening…

Okay so alot of people who are educated will say that the Greeks are descendant of Japeth (Javan) so of Noah.  Those people also believe that Noah and his sons are are all white (except for Ham) .. which is error. All the sons of Noah were of darker color skin except for Noah who was Albino. But I digress, that’s a different blog. I found these other videos talking about the Greeks and the sons of Japheth using biblical knowledge … the rabbit hole goes deeper so if you’ve read this far… get yourself a cookie. It’s about to get deeper.

take a bathroom break if you need too…

After you watch the videos… give me your thoughts. A lot of southern Europeans don’t deny that they have some African heritage, some are even proud. Too bad alot of African American’s have forgotten our history…  which doesn’t begin in America.

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