BLACK HISTORY: The Royal Blood of Africa

When I say draw a picture of King David… or King Solomon people tend to think of this:

solomon Some wise Caucasian looking man, I just randomly found this image…gee he looks a little “Jesusy” doesn’t he? Oh… he even has a little African man holding his umbrella…cute. But I digress… People tend to assign the Biblical characters with this default as caucasoid. When this could be further from the truth. “Oh but it doesn’t matter, Montre…”


Granted I take the biblical stories with a grain of salt in regards as a reliable source of historical information. It becomes even more fictious when these stories have been purposely whitewashed. MY POINT: If these people spoken about in the Bible are truly of the Negroid /Nubian/ Moorenos then here we have yet another piece of Black History (or forgotten history) that needs to be exposed. This blog entry requires a little research on your part…

Be sure to come back to this link later …and view this page. 

More research here for curious

Be sure to read this as well…

Perhaps one day we will realize that Kings and Queens of the past looked like this:


and this:


America we need movies about this!!!

Check this out in the meantime:

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