BLACK HISTORY: Homosexuality

There are those who will say that Africans never participated in homosexuality and that it was a European “invention” … another fallacy created by religious bigots. Homosexuality has always existed and different cultures approached sexuality differently. Abrahamic religions dealt with it one way while other religions may have not even brought the issue up.  Male sexuality being used as a mode of power over another was always seen as a negative for the one being submitted, but of course consensual male sexuality used as method of expressing love between each other is a good thing. Not much has changed.

I found an interesting blog about HOMOSEXUALITY in AFRICA by Alicia Banks be sure to check that out for another good read. We all too often hear such a one sided view of things as Mooreno people. Time to change that 😉

I think it’s important to not that people didn’t identify as “homosexual” in the fact that, just because someone has sexual activity with someone of the same sex that they were now labeled an unable to marry or have a relationship with someone of the opposite sex.

We don’t have to go back as far as Africa to find homosexuals in the Mooreno community.

All in all.. there is no “origin” to sexuality , it just is. For as long as there has been homosexuals there has been people who have not understood them or hated them. There has also been those that didn’t care at all “live and let live” .

As a culture you often time find African-Americans attracted to the church. There is a reason for this. African culture as well as other Native American cultures have seen homosexual men as a spiritual beacons. There is something to be said about a person is able to embrace both the masculine and feminine energy within oneself and relate to all people. When African American Moorenos can embrace their sexuality as a part of their spirituality and not despise it in exchange for spirituality then perhaps we will see a new awakening.

Finally I was told ignorantly by someone online that Homosexuals have not offered anything to society. For those that believe that lie… watch the video below of notable gay blacks in history.

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