Famous People You Didn’t Know were Black

Yeah yeah, I know black history month is over . But I ran across some other blogs and articles about Beethoven and Mozart being Moors…. yes that’s right you heard me. Two of our greatest musicians were not fully caucasian at all.

It’s a fact that Beethoven’s mother was a muslim  moor . I’ll link to a longer article about that here.


Ohhh  but I’m not done….MOZART was a Moor! *gasp*

Seems history has gone out its way to not make these little details obvious to common person. I found a list of other noble moors in europe here.  (I got bored) 

here’s a little music for you . 

anywho … you don’t have to be dark to be considered Moor or Mooreno nor do you have to marry anyone black. That would be like saying Drake, Mariah Carey, or Halle Berry isn’t black at all lol. Its seems that some through history could pass …and pass they did. Allessandro-the-moor Cristofano dell Altissimo


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