Hot Wings can Be YOUR DEATH

Okay maybe not your death but they can come close to it. I recall that day when Nelson and I went to Buffalo Wild wings and I must have been having a testosterone rush that day because I decided that I would try their hottest wings (because I eat hot food all the time and I can take it)

My mother is always talking about how I’m always eating jalepenos or hot salsa on everything and credits it to the fact that she enjoyed mexican food when she was pregnant with me. And it’s true, I love hot food. If it isn’t spicy, something is not right and usually… usually when a resturant says something is hot, it actually isn’t .

Granted Nelson doesn’t like anything spicy and can barely handle spicy fried chicken from Church’s . But I digress…

So I ordered the blazing hot wings from the menu…










Because I’m a man! I’m not gonna let these wings get the better of me! (insert caveman grunt) Now take note that the waiter was very slow in refilling my glass of water which I should have taken notice of before taking on this adventure. Anyhow, as I start my first few wings I think I have this in the bag. It’s a little spicy but nothing to cry about until about the second wing…

zzzzzzzzzzzzhot-sauce-mouth-on-fireMy forehead started sweating and it felt like someone had turned the heat on. This heat wasn’t just hot or spicy… this was an evil heat; PURE EVIL!!! It sneaks up on you like a lioness to a gazelle and while you try to run from it in your mind there’s absolutely no place to go. It caught you, you know in your mind “this is it”. My whole face was on fire.  My nose was running, my eyes were tearing and it got so bad that my contact fell out. I ran to the bathroom to place my contact back in, forgetting that my hands still had the essence of the sauce embedded in my skin.  SO NOW... my eye is burning! I’m fighting to get that sucker out my eye making it even worse. I felt like fire was coming out of every orface on my body (and it would even more so later but that’s a different story that will opt from sharing with you. )

Mental note: water doesn’t help … no one told me that and Buffalo Wild Wings doesn’t sell milk.  tumblr_inline_mplxhuGqRW1qz4rgp

I love some Buffalo Wild Wings but I have learned my lesson. If you think you are man or woman enough I challenge you to try, and let me know how that turns out for you. hehehe.

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6 thoughts on “Hot Wings can Be YOUR DEATH

  1. What a glutton for punishment Montre. I wish I could say sorry but it sounds like someone was getting to bold for britches! Lol


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