What To Do When Your Life is a MESS

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image21361407It’s time for a life audit. I have been the type of person who has the glorious opportunity to live with so many types of people from my own family, to roommates, to lovers and one thing I have found in common with all these people is that your home is a reflection of your life.

What’s that mean? Well, if you observe someone’s home it will tell certain things about them. Their home is the physical manifestation of their life. A person who doesn’t like a lot of visitors is sure not to allow alot of people close to him. A person who is always having people over to eat at their place is natural giver or a motherly figure even. On the opposite end a person who has food and trash sitting out, spoiled and rotten has something seriously wrong going on in their mind. What that is, only that person knows. This blog is not about how to figure people out…it’s about how to figure yourself out.

What type of person are you?

Are you the type that keeps guest in the front part of your home because your bedroom and other rooms are junky? Then you like to keep up a perception of perfection that is false. You are keeping secrets about who you really are. Be real, either invite friends over when the whole house is messy or take the time to clean up the whole house.

Are you the type that has old heirlooms that have no value collecting dust? Then you’re the type of person stuck in the past. You have a hard time letting go. You may keep these things out in the open or packing the garage. Either way, if you died today would anybody other you find any value in them?

Maybe your house is full of pictures. You’re the type that has lived a lot of memories. You don’t want to forget the people you love. All those people are branches of tree that has roots in you. In fact many people depend on you.

Being neat and tidy is okay, but if your home is the type where nothing ever moves from its place…EVER…you may be very stuck in your ways of doing things. But is your way necessarily the right way?

So let’s get back to the problems that happen in life… shit happens. When problems arise where do you spend most of your time? Do you go to the patio? Do go to sleep? Do you raid he kitchen. I had one roommate that would clean the kitchen furiously when he was upset. I had another that would do the complete opposite. If clutter starts piling up and you’re normally a tidy person, try organizing those things. Putting things in order in your outside life will affect your life tremendously. Tired of being in a rut? Move the couch. Seriously, I had one roommate and his couch was against the window and his apartment was so dark, I suggest he turn the couch facing the window and open it … and don’t you know he started making other life changes because now he was looking out at life and turning his back to it.

It’s the little things. Try this out yourself at your home and write me back if you see change. Good luck.

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