Fallen Angels and God Myths

So I’m back to writing on my new novel and this one promises to be a doozy. I enjoy writing about fallen angels and things not “conventionally known” to the public. I figure I will blog a little about my thoughts while I write. Writing a series is difficult, I started this one when I was mmmm 25? I’m now 36 , so a person can change a lot in that span of time. My books started out as Christian fiction and now as time has changed I feel free to develop the characters more without limitation since I no longer “subscribe membership” to Christianity. 

So yes, there will be a little sex. Hey it’s reality…humans have sex. But that won’t be the meat and potatoes of the story. I’m not writing “50 shades of Grey” . I’m writing a supernatural story about the fallen angels, the mythological gods of old. This has been the hardest part. For some years now I’ve been reading a few mythologies about different gods and I’m going to take a little creative liberty to intertwine those stories into my story. 

For my my main character, Andrew Turner, this should be quite a journey. Andrew is very much me at 25…well errr maybe 20. Antonio was like me at 28 (just a little more wild) . In my attempt to tell a full story about both these brothers and to even express my own growth as a person, this next book will be my attempt at combining these two brother’s story into one unit. 

I’m pretty excited about telling this story, the last book I pulled on muslim mythology to discuss djinns. This time I’m adding stuff about the Christian god, to Greek gods, to the Egyptian gods…. and Lucifer may even pop up but not as you may expect (I’ll just leave it at that) 😉

My only worry is that the book may be hideously long. But right now, I’ll just write it out and edit it later. It’s still a part of the Heaven Sent series but I want it to begin a spin off all it’s own. 

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